• January 18, 2017
  • Saanto
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Quite some time back, Gonzo told us that watches are about making the right impressions. Whether it’s a date or a job interview, the right kind of watch can make your day. But more than that – Gonzo stressed – “….it must suit the occasion” – with special considerations that do not deviate from or challenge a situation greatly. That much of slack sounded good, to all of us.

Say, you want to project a serious look but overdoing it would spoil the show. Just need that much if you want to be taken seriously. But not glum or gloomy; seriousness is about calm yet focused; sophisticated, understated confidence. Brightness is a vital part of it. Also the details! Let there be little, but let them be distinctive and well done.

So take a long, hard look at the St. Mawes, for we are going to talk about it.

It projects an understated strength with the right mixes calm confidence and a solid class. This is what puts the St. Mawes (in fact, many of the DW-s) at par with more expensive watches of a similar build and shine.

The St. Mawes highlights the distinct DW value to the brand. It is classic styling and sophistication within a very practical, versatile and quietly confident demeanour.

The St. Mawes is every bit a dress watch. Modern urban or old-style formals – it goes with all. Its classically designed brown leather strap is comfortable around the wrist. The fixed, thin bezel creates a wider face. With the classic combination of three hands, it qualifies as a classic-styled men’s dress watch, its head-turning powers hidden in its bare looks. Social settings – the solemn, formal, casual or semi-casual occasion – it bestows the power of proper accessorizing by making the spotlight spread wider.

It’s always logical to create simple, classic watches with automatic movements but Daniel Wellington prefers quartz for the less hassles. Less pricing too! But this is not the dime-a-dozen movement inside and actually seals the deal if you are thinking of a proper, long-term use.

DW didn’t compromise on the leather. It makes this classical men’s watch design a very approachable one, offering more democratic limits to wear it on a regular basis. An all-classical style with all its value elements chases and meets a worthwhile goal! It could have been faux leather, but real leather is what you get.

Well, the idea of taking it every three or four years to the service point for battery changes is kind of boring; might be the only idea that bores you. Swapping batteries is annoying but three years seem to be a decent time frame. The rest of the time, you enjoy sporting a real, cool, grown-up man’s watch for semi-casual use or as a go-to that packs decent value within a well-crafted, small form-factor.

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