Quartz watches are well-known for their excellent time-keeping ability with many losing just 15 seconds a month. If accuracy is important to you, then you should know that the new Bulova Precisionist Champlain 96B132 has been designed to lose just 10 seconds a year. On top of that its high-energy lithium-ion battery is said to last between two and three years, something unheard of before when it comes to a watch with a sweep second hand.

Bulova Precisionist Mens Watch
Bulova Precisionist Mens Watch

The Three Major Advantages of Bulova

Previously U.S.-owned Bulova Watches is now under the umbrella of Japanese manufacturer Citizen and uses its quartz movements in the Precisionist model. The movement’s accuracy, battery life and the sweep second hand are the three major advantages of this model when compared to many of the much higher-priced watches on the market. The technology is also unique in that the battery life of up to three years is typically available only on watches that use a ticking second hand, which is used to conserve power.

The sweep second hand is testimony to the technology built into the Precisionist model, much like spring drive watches yet much smoother than the ticking of most mechanical watches. Those who listen for the ticking sound to ensure the watch is working will be disappointed as this model does not have that ability.

Accuracy to within 10 seconds a year is difficult to achieve, but Bulova Watch achieves this by using a three-prong crystal as its regulator. The higher frequency of the movement, over 262,000 Hertz to those who understand frequencies, creates stabilization that maintains the movement’s accuracy. Other quartz watches are usually in the 32,000 Hertz or so range. This technology allows Bulova to compete head-to-head with Citizen’s atomic models and there is the probability that it will lead to additional models using the technology.

Detail is not limited to the engineering of the movement however, as the bezel is designed to resemble one that rotates, but this one does not. The case is also designed to be water resistant to depths up to 300 meters in a light weight watch, which is exceptionally light when compared to other models with similar features. The factory provided band is made of a textile material but, if desired can be easily replaced with any other band that is made for a 24 mm watch.

More Models Are Likely to Be Developed

The number of models of the Bulova Precisionist watches will likely expand, beyond the currently available sports watch and an elegant model for more formal settings. The titanium case is large by most standards, measuring just over 46 mm but steel models in black are also available. The model’s logo, the letter ‘P’ is on the seconds hand so there is no misunderstanding of the quality of the time piece. The dial is constructed of multiple layers of carbon fiber with an off-setting blue second hand.

The crystal is made from mineral glass and is curved on this model providing good visibility and readability. The hands are coated with luminescence to make them easier to read during the day as well as at night, providing a higher level of confidence to the wearer.