The new, 2015  Seiko Prospex “Baby Tuna” Automatic Diver’s 200M are a range of dive watches that are full of interest. Desk diving or scuba diving, the Baby Tuna’s only intention is seducing recreational and semi-professional divers with its purposeful build. The PROSPEX are vastly different from Seiko’s standard mechanical line-up and is an innovation in dive watch advancements. – The Team

It doesn’t take an expert to point out the Baby Tuna as an exotic piece of equipment, but we wanted to hear from the two of our watch freaks. Here’s what they have to say.

Santo’s views: The MarineMaster Tuna, undoubtedly, is one of the Seiko creations that define the brand but when did the Japs stop at one thing? They never seem to be content on their technological prowess, so they always push their boundaries. The Baby Tuna came around due to something like that; unlike the Eagle, it’s a hit!

The Baby Tuna is Seiko Prospex "Baby Tuna" Automatic Diver's 200M SRP641K1 SRP641K SRP641 Men's Watchstronger with its very qualitative construction.! That’s true; despite that it is the actual Tuna’s affordable edition that bends more towards urban-friendliness. As for the rest of it, it is as impressive as the professionally-oriented Tuna!

The Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver 200m (that’s the official name for the Baby Tuna) is a lot cheaper! Seiko’s Professional Specifications (or, Prospex; it’s actually Pro-Specs) attributes take you to the borders of deep diving: it’s a solid and fully developed underwater timepiece with an in-house (4R36) movement and that’s a great value for money!

Seiko Prospex "Baby Tuna" Automatic Diver's 200M SRP639K1 SRP639K SRP639 Men's Watch

Gonzo sez: Iconization is a different thing altogether and it doesn’t come easy. So, confronting a replica of that icon often doesn’t go down too well, save this 2015 Seiko Baby Tuna! I’d rather say it’s more of a new edition of the iconic Tuna; with all its vibe and glory intact within an immensely personal design. Why I say personal is even amidst dozens other, you can readily recognize your own. Sure, that comes as you both grow on each other but this is the instant thing I’m talking about. If you have seen it once, you know it for a lifetime.

Whether the 47mm case is bestial or not is a personal choice; some watches are meant to be large; else, they don’t look good. Seems that’s a part of its DNA, as much as the scalloped caseback. It has a purpose. The lugs do not stick out due to the curve, so it eliminates the chances of unwanted hitches completely. The shroud protects both the case and the rotative, unidirectional bezel; for the latter, it also allows a tight and perfect grip. If you wear diving gloves, you’ll know it better. It’s made of stainless steel and comes either in black or silver.

The Seiko 4R36 movement is the most interesting part of the watch; it’s a 24 jewels calibre that allows both automatic and manual winding. Fully wound, it runs for over 40 hours at a reasonable 21.600bph. It replaced the 6R15 (a 7S26 derivative) but nevertheless, shares most of its specs. That makes it reliable, efficient and ready to take a lot of grinding.

The rest about this huge watch is visible and it doesn’t required to be told it’s meant more for professional endeavours than for elegant parties in tuxes.

But is it priced right? No romanticism here; it’s a definite YES if compared to Swiss novelties; the 2015 Seiko Prospex “Baby Tuna” Automatic Diver’s 200M is a fabulous deal!

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