Masterful subtlety! That’s one of the things you cannot expect every time out of men; we love to become the boisterous, noisy, beer-guzzling brat at the slightest chance we obtain and show the world our prized, muscle-packed toys. We fight over whose stuff is the greatest and then we laugh and enjoy The Expendables! Certainly, subtlety can’t hit us everytime; more so, for it’s subtlety, after all.

creationwatches.comDoes it have anything to do with watches? You bet; else, I’d be posting in a M1911 forum instead. The message here is: Girls certainly got something towards an overpowering, manly tool (on your wrist, I mean) but that’s when you are working alone (no pun intended) or taking her out on a wild ride in your jeep/SUV. Out for shopping or dinner; that’s when you should know how to deal with women. Sorry, with women’s choices – also regarding your wristwear.

A lot of us got some problem in that department and that’s because women communicate very subtly. Guys prefer a large neon sign declaring what’s in her mind; however, we are aware that neon prices are through the roof, so a little less subtle signal will do. For example, say high-shine and day-date, no windows  instead of just flashy. Be generous on specifics – we men love that – not hints. With hints, things often turn up as extravagant choices that oddly bling; what follows – if in any greater magnitude – could be called waging a global war! As far as we are not pushed to settle for the high-impact and swaggering, oversized fashion absurdities, it’s fine; we don’t need to overcompensate for anything.

So what do we don’t want our watches to tell the world? We certainly don’t need to announce (even if it is) of being nouveau riche, we don’t present industrial-strength magnets in fine jewellery cases. There’s difference between being rich and being an ugly chunk of ostentatious wealth; Ladies, do remember this when suggesting your man a watch. A diamond-riddled, platinum/titanium laden watch with more technology than NASA might be an exotic showpiece; in real life, it just pukes bad taste. Better staying the adventurers – what we are – at heart!

Tell us to be the happy medium instead. We’ll appreciate that! We’ll like it simply because it will look good and many of them help stay close to busy dials without looking out of place or ostentatious. These do not require credit cards to be maxed out and there are a ton of slick, elegant watches to be found. These are trend-proof, so no need to bend to your whims to look just as smart again, after paying an eye-watering price. Help us to stay polished and sharp-styled; don’t tinker with our powers to invest.

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