• January 27, 2015
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Q. Gonzo!

Let me start by saying I hate complex watches. I find myself befuddled amongst complex sets of dials and LCD screens. What I seek is a simple watch yet not so simple that others take no notice. I’m on my way to the upper management of where I work; it should match the environment and not look odd in suddenly-called corporate parties or group client meets.

Could you please justify your preference for the recommendation as well?

A. I like people of few words but even not that much. However, none leaves the Gonzo’s lair unhappy, so my suggestion would be the OCEANUS. Unless you live in Arizona, for there’s no DST.

You might think I’m kidding but I believe you never had a chance to see the simpler ones “…yet not so simple that others take no notice.” From the picture I get, this Casio Oceanus Atomic is what you are looking for.

You asked for justification, alright; I’ll give you many.

First, this is a line no more sold outside Japan and only a few sellers stock the last few pieces. The world outside Japan now has what you call Edifice.

From the line of your work, it is unfair not to be obsessed – even slightly – with the correctness of time. There’s hell lot of difference between tolerating a few seconds off and hitting the precise moments always. You don’t need to check and reset it to your office watch unless the clocks there are deliberately lagged behind or set ahead.

Nowadays, almost everyone in the corporate sector is linked to another part (or, parts) of the world; if you are, then the world-time function will give you a lot of mileage. You don’t need guesswork or calculations to place that essential call.

This Oceanus watch syncs with atomic watches (through radio signals) everyday and adjusts to the actual atomic time; even for DST and Leap Years. This is both practical and innovative. The signals that are received by the watch are the JJY (Japanese), WWVB(American; Colorado),  NPL(England) and DCF77(Germany).

You can’t always expect sapphire crystal in mid-tier watches but here, it’s different. You get one feature mostly found in higher-end watches. Its low-key profile hides that well.

It’s solar-powered, so do the world a favor by not polluting the environment with a battery every few year. The power saving mode and its internal clock also saves you from the hassles of time-setting even after prolonged usage. Let the light hit the dial and the hands shall spin around and set on the correct time again.

I guess that’s enough number of justifications that you asked for. Wish you a satisfying purchase and further satisfying Oceanus experience ahead.

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