It seems the Jap giants Casio and Citizen have locked horns big time. Every other day they are bringing out something new or the other to make heads turn appreciably. Both right now have some highly multi-functional watches in their arsenal but it seems Casio is at least a step ahead. Quite natural for a company that’s comparatively newer; they don’t have enough to sit back and rest on their laurels, which Citizen has. They realize they have many more miles to travel before catching up with Citizen. Nevertheless, their developments in the multi-function arena are bound to give Citizen a tough time soon. That is, if they can retain this pace.

Casio’s take on the use of multiple, independent motors made the brand jump into the limelight. But while it might sound good – even fantastic – on paper, in practice, it has made some of them a bit too much complicated – which the gadget savvy might like – giving casual watch wearers a hard time. But then again, I have seen many such casual wearers buying overly complicated stuff for the heck of it, with no real intention to use them for what they are meant for. I appreciate that; it’s a good step taken towards stopping people making a waste of a pro’s tool. Just because it looks cool isn’t a reason enough; in that case, we’ll see very soon people shaving with Damascene swords. And I would hate to see that, as much as another person with a heart for finer aspects of life.

That was enough criticism; now it’s time to turn towards some of the models from the Casio factory. These are the ranges that are capitalizing on their fashionable analog form without cutting down on their digital versatility. However, there’s one thing I couldn’t help but notice that some of these new Edifice models are difficult to tell apart if we go by the features alone. But the rest – well, they are distinct and their functions are clear. And the best part? It’s some real fun trying to grab the idea on what makes them different apart from their key features. If you like playing around with technological marvel, buy one (e.g. Casio Edifice Chronograph EF-527D-5A ) before you go for a vacation; it will give you enough reasons to brainstorm and come up with the solution. That’s pretty orgasmic and might keep your expenses down in a foreign land.