Caring about what others think of – to a certain extent – is neither diffidence, nor naivety. It’s perfectly human, admit it or not. Extents; however, may vary and that draws the line between normalcy and diffidence and naivety. That’s the scene with almost everything – SUV-s, cell phones, clothes….even the weapons of choice. I personally like the S&W Guv’nor more than the Taurus Judge and I know I’m not the only one. I got my own reasons to like it; nevertheless, there are certain advantageous points, the greatest being an extra shot to fire. This is why we have forums with the same question popping up every now and then; the “what do you think of this (fit any of your happy stuff here)?” posts, almost on a daily basis.

Ironically, there’s inevitably going to be a – “I give a damn to what others think” reply for almost every such post. No kind words here – it just plain sounds forced once you are past the raging testosterone phase of your life. It’s sensible, too; for it keeps away a lot of unwanted attention. Even standing-out nowadays got the same formula followed by hordes, so the same tattoo at the same place for two different people is not impossible at all! You see, somehow you are fitting into the same club to obtain the against the norm branding; I’m too doing the same but minus the hypocrisy. Easy acceptance also stresses you less and I’m into an anti-stress lifestyle.

So I’ll gladly pick the Orient Bambino Classic Automatic for the regular working day, the Seiko Core Solar for a formal dinner,a Seiko Alarm Chronograph World Time for the semi casuals on the weekends and a G-Shock Illuminator if I’m to go fishing. Try to fit them the other way round; you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. For bad taste, that is.

Now, with young girls – as noticed – it’s a different story. They love the big, bold and bad G-Shocks…more specifically, the G button (no wild guess, please) on guys; younger Ladies, mostly, got hots for larger, flashy watches that look expensive but not worthwhile in any other way. Sounds a stereotypical behavior, right? But it’s only because there is a lot of truth to it; stereotypes do not come of out of the blue.

So what do they like for themselves? I don’t feel much confident commenting on that department, but I have seen women like to go easy with plain quartz, with or without embellishments, as required.

But there are different types of women and their choices vary, but my personal experience says things are not much different between the chick who likes to take funny selfies  and the lady executive who usually puts up a stern face at her workplace. At least, when it’s about little things of personal preferences.

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