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Okay folks, so here we are again, back to business full tilt and while the rest of us are busy handling the new inventory, Gonzo agrees to shoulder the responsibilities of keeping you informed and entertained for the next few weeks. So, without further ado: Are Victorinox Swiss Army watches an appropriate choice for the average Joe? Or, for the not so average ones? Gonzo opines.

Gonzo grumbles:

I’m not a true horological expert. That is, I do not stay confined within the upper echelons of expensive timepieces for which one might have to part with an arm and a leg. I like and speak about pieces that appeal to me and they could be a $50 or lesser. What I firmly believe is price does determine the quality of a watch (or it could be anything else) but not always. And most of the times, my thoughts turn out to be right.

That brings under scrutiny the new slew of Victorinox watches that recently filled our stock. And by Jove, what I found out fills my heart with joy!

The reason I’m down to writing about the Victorinox Swiss Army watches is a small inquiry from one of our valuable customers who, almost ritually, gets his hands upon anything new and worthwhile that shows up on the pages of Creationwatches. He is considering a Victorinox Alliance Swiss Army Chronograph for everyday use but nevertheless, sent us the query if it can stand the pressures of an everyday use. According to him, the Night Vision fits the bill perfectly for as he claimed, he is a very active person quite heavily into equestrian and shooting sports with a watchdrobe full of tough, utilitarian watches. However, this time, he seeks something that can be worn with formal clothing and it’s the first time he will be investing upon a formal piece that doesn’t require babying.  So my friend, move ahead with full confidence; for the one you chose indeed is a decent product!

What I like the most about Victorinox watches are that they are in fact Swiss-made and don’t pretend to be something else that they’re not. The Alliance is a piece no different; it’s going to prove a long-lasting one, minus the military-inspired themes. What is strong doesn’t always require to be shown and whether I’m politically correct or not, truth can’t be suppressed. Long shall it last; it always has been around and always will be. It might not be one of those true prestige brands coming for few thousand dollars, but when you are getting almost the same goodness for much lesser, it would be foolish to pass it on. Period. That’s the end of the story. Or, you are absolutely out of your mind.

Leave a reply below to let us know why you think the Victorinox Alliance are great watches; or, why you don’t think them to be. Or, click here for further reading.

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