A short recap or, in same lines with it

I like Swiss watches but it’s more for the sheer duende in it, not so much for the technicalities. I give a damn about the metal gauges and the math behind an optimum-perfect finish. I’m not that learned. A little history or the new technology (simplified) is fun but no beyond. I’m kinda lazy watch collector (and probably the laziest learner).

Nevertheless, despite all that Suisse appreciation you are kicked around for almost no reason. My prized Jap watches add to this burlesque burden. The critic is blind to technological ease, utility and strengthSuisse is often vulnerable to undue shocks (e.g. dropping on hard surfaces), temperature extremes and may lose (or gain) time if not worn constantly. Even Suisse quartz, like many non-Suisse varieties also lose battery life greatly at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. In fewer words, it doesn’t feel nice even if its Swiss chocolate jammed down your throat.

Pardon any word / phrases / expressions you find offensive from horological angles. They grossed-out after taking a lot of beating. I wish I could tell them on face, but there’s also a different interest that I hold. Nothing material, I repeat. Not even his watches.

I call this: Typing away bad feelings. Names not used.

 The Suisse thing continues

As far as Genius goes, it’s not boundless at its own whims; it dwells within limits of rationality. Genius considers many factors before surfacing. Insanities, on the other hand, are bouts of genius without a specific goal (or. goals). The sheer joy of creation, politely. Yet, insanity has often set the course for the genius to step in.

Those are the real Geniuses. The rest often skip the border; almost too-often. And there’s a third kind: The Wonder-Watch.

The craftsmanship and expertise going into these Suisse geniuses (or, insanities; you decide) are awesome stuff demanding a look at their own merits. And some of their core concepts determine the class of the Suisse wonder in your hands or on yer carpus.

NoteThis is a class that varies according to personal taste, yet there are some whose presence can’t be denied. It is foolish finding faults with them unless they are manufacturing defects.

The Suisse-obsession I witness is all for traditional, mechanical complications; there’s no place for quartz. I hear the least is 130 parts and the max that can go in is 1728! Most complicated watches, on an average, have around 60 parts outsourced for its internal mechanism. As a whole, getting Suisse these days is as simple as assembling dials and hands with the movement under and the whole thing put into the case. These start from about $350 and hence, not enough for some. They will instead discuss intensely on a particular brand, visit internet blogs and ask watch forums on the authenticity of that brand as a luxury one. Weight is one of the determinants, but that’s not dead weight. It’s real weight, not a fake one.