Morellato: Symbolic, emotional significations

Trust that you could’ve easily made a decision with a simple “ Yes” or “ No” from our side, but we insist upon a detailed study about the brand and its product range first. Find out about Morellato’s roots, accomplishments and further goals and then decide yourself if Morellato is really worth your try. We’d say it is and it’s paramount that you know the reasons before seconding our opinion.

The Morellato Story

Morellato creates some of the best jeweled watches and metal (stainless steel and sterling silver) jewellery for men and women, every piece unique and original. Morellato’s watch production unit is in Lugano, Switzerland their jewelry is made in the Veneto and Tuscany regions of Italy, home to skilled, Italian artificers. Morellato Apart from its own brand of watches and accessories (watch straps, bands and bracelets) exclusively targeted towards today’s fashionable men and women all over the globe and especially, Europe and the United States; It also controls the Swiss watch brand Philip Watch (now more than a century and a half old) and since 2006, they are also managing Sector. It’s an iconic watch brand, with licensing deals to produce Roberto Cavalli, Pirelli PZero and John Galliano brand of watches and both watches and jewelry for Miss Sixty ( Guangzhou, China). Morellato, in turn, comes under the Gevril Group, who owns a full-service watch repair department staffed by master Swiss watchmakers to take care of your Morellato if it turns rogue by any chance or needs some TLC.. Morellato is currently boosting its fashion quotient relying upon new designs, a higher level of craftsmanship and a selection of designer licenses to raise the extent of its portfolio. Global expansion takes new influences and collaborations with people into the business of fashion for long.

Morellato: Quick facts

  • Morellato Group is the most important watch and jewelry group in Europe.
  • They are a global leader in the watch straps industry and lead the retail markets for fashion jewels and watches in Italy and France.
  • Morellato came up in Venice in the 1930’s. Its head offices are located in Padua, Milan and Évreux.
  • Exports volume: 38 percent of total sales
  • Establishments: 57 Morellato stores (30 in China) including New York.
  • Brands under Morellato Group: Morellato, Sector, Philip Watch, Lucien Rochat, Chronostar, B&G, Oui & Me, La Petite Story, Live Diamond, Bluespirit.
  • Brands licensed to Morellato Group: Maserati, Chiara Ferragni, Trussardi.
  • Types of watches Morellato builds: Smart and connected watches, mechanical watches, quartz watches with or without special functions.


Morellato: Contemporary luxury for those with sensible amounts of self-love

Unique heritage of Italian designs as interpreted by Giulio Morellato now speaks to fashion forward watch enthusiasts, sometimes generations apart. The casual, high-performance timepieces in metal, resins, rubbers and silicone are anti-allergic. These are watches with playful, modern motifs. The youthful, modern styles are presented in many forms, defined by vibrant colors and are a sharp contrast to the traditional wristwatch. This transformation leads to a compelling fashion statement.

Morellato So, are Morellato watches good for an everyday use?

One of the interesting aspects of Morellato is they have acquainted individuals from all walks of life who are possessed by an impeccable sense of frugality. It‘s a sign of being aware of the facts of life and it comes as missives full of expressions of hope that the world is – other than what it is –in a nutshell, is manifesting something too good to be true, without the sneaking suspicion of getting absolutely nothing in return; offering no as such a compelling reason – some specific reason not counted – to want a watch from a brand with not much of a mainstream exposure. The Morellato watches are simple statements of reality against the mindset for more expensive sort of watches you’re initially interested in, only to realize a better construction and a greater value retention is also important rather than only fanning the pride of ownership. It is the sort of watches that will not – if you spend the money on them – give you any sense of burden that often turns people away from the watch faces towards the digital screens. Keep dropping in to leave your replies below . State why you’d like to go for the Morellato and which one would it be?