Checking the combination of materials, technology and craftsmanship is far more important than choosing functionalities and extra gimmicks, especially from blowout sales which often try to move stuff that are not moving otherwise. For larger and reputed sellers, it’s the not-so-hot style issues that are put up; small timers often try pushing the faulty. A more informed buying decision, ultimately, saves the day.

• The Case: Style and durability must mix equally if not heavier on the durability side. The case material protects the movement and the dial, so metal is best for the purpose. Stainless steel and Titanium are standards in high-quality, higher-end watches; they also resist tarnish and discoloration. Gold (14/18/22k; yellow, rose and white) is luxury item and not for wild surroundings. Check for gaps, cracks and fissures. There must be no gap between the case-back and the body. There must not also be any mark signifying opening attempts.

Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Super Titanium AT2025-02E Men's Watch
Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Super Titanium AT2025-02E Men’s Watch

• The Band: Metal bracelets sometimes slip out from the pin holding it to the watch’s body; next, the pin in the clasp. Apart from that, these interlocking metal links often jam between themselves. With straps, the leather/fabric/nylon/rubber/synthetic materials carry chances for skin irritation. So, ensure things as needed.

• Movement: The interior mechanism can either be simply Quartz or a complex array of gears and springs fashioned with superior craftsmanship. It’s not possible finding out while Buy Watches via online, but in real world purchases, see if the hands are sweeping and not staggering unevenly. The crown must touch the body firmly and not tumble within the housing. Same goes for other controls.

  • The warranty: Do not expect every online seller to provide you with a real warranty, so it is necessary to check if the warranty you are getting is valid or void. It may look real but not act one. So double check it before making a purchase.

End notes:

There are more online sellers in the cyber world but you cannot trust everyone the way you trust Creation Watches. The above points aside, this seller doesn’t push outdated styles as if there’s no tomorrow; on the contrary, it is the excess production by the manufacturer that are often showcased at a  discounted price. Dive your eyes sewn shut, even then you are going to make a soft landing.