You might be anticipating another weird brainwave forced down your throat to be followed…no, it’s not anything like that. Rather, this time, I’m again tempted to see and understand the way fairer sex infers it, although I’m not entitled to do it. Why, you ask and the simple answer is I love being honest, which doesn’t seem to sit well with the womanly ideas of dressing up. It led me to more than a bit of a fix more number of times that you can possibly count; for example, a childhood friendship turned sour due to the fellow’s wife getting into a watch-ing spree, whose collection of watches currently stands at 5. This hints at a slightly deeper issue than a mere problem with my friend. No, not an obsessive-compulsive nature (at least till this point), I assure you of that. I would have been in a loonie house otherwise and you’d be missing all that you come looking for time and again.

So is it an inferiority complex? Or, just curiosity, vanity or a mix of both? I still haven’t mastered the human mind but well, how about an appreciation of beautiful things? This one sits better! I doubt how many of my testosterone-addled (the majority) readers will go through this fully; however, IMHO, once-in-a-while recommendations on dainty and diamond-encrusted feminine (more so if it’s white-strapped) timepieces is not going to lower the T-levels but will urge you to steer towards a new direction altogether when it comes to impressing her following…whatever. That’d be a nice break from being a rich, cowering husband spoiling his wife out of helpless fears. Women love to follow recommendations, provided it’s in line with their preference(s).

The first thing step is really a no-brainer i.e women see watches as completely different things than we do. Men will sacrifice fashion to cling onto their perceived idea of status and pride (why do you think I still use my ’73 Royal Enfield on a daily basis and not opt for the 2014 models?) while women will sacrifice nothing for their fashion. So, while you might think Seiko, Citizen and Orient are great choices, reality is Michael Kors or CK or Guess is for your woman, unless in some very exceptional cases. What seems to looks cool is more than often a showstopper. Plus, there is parity (in its strangest sense); this is the reason why fashion luxury watches are dearer to women.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with the fashion-house watches; they are just decent, middle-of-the-road watches with a fair amount (actually more than that) of reliability and sturdiness packed in. The luxury branding is often an outcome of the olde-worlde designs. Their movements are chiefly outsourced but that doesn’t spoil the status associated with the brand. However, if you are afraid it might associate the wearer with the crowd instead of being the ONE, fear not; it will only show her up-to-date and in sync with current fashion.