Hamilton IntraMatic’s debut appearance was at 2012 Baselworld. The Thin-O-matic needed a successor and transferred its vintage looks to Intramatic-s, taking the trend a step higher. Cutting-edge technology addresses both movement and esthetics; the result is a watch bought in the ‘60s but taken out of the box today.

The pay-tribute concept, till now, bagged some success but not quite as much Hamilton’s Intramatic-s. It’s only rival is the Jazzmaster range and maybe, the Omega Seamaster.

The Hamilton Intramatic gets interesting as you get deeper into it. The 60’s vintage looks – though seems simply following a trend at the first glance – is neither used ironically, nor to get you nostalgic unnecessarily. Formal dressers often choose the Intramatic for that very clean and humble yet dignified spirit of yore. There’s absolutely nothing about posing the old-fashioned ways. Intramatics are terrific timepieces to go even with your cargo-s, for it has some practical and modern elements. It’s all about how you choose the one that translates well to a modern wrist. You got two choices here: The 38mm and the 42mm.

The three things that give Intramatics their sharp, elegant looks are the minimal bezel, an expansive dial and x-tra long baton-markers. At 50g (including leather strap), it is also very comfortable and wrist-friendly. Also, easy to the eyes, for there’s no advancing seconds-hand to pump your heart rate.

However, this is something that might turn off a few casual wearers looking for a not-too-flashy, everyday and all-purpose watch.

Inside the Intramatics is the ETA 2892-2. This is a fairly good and reliable movement with a good track record. Hamilton offers it at a much lower price than other watches costing double or more than Hamilton’s. It could be because the 2892-etching is just nice and plain, not as ornately decorated as in the pricier varieties. One is the Omega models using 21 jewel cal 1120; another example is Omega’s coaxial movement (cal. 2500) built on a 2892 base.

There’s a signed Hamilton rotor, though.

The Intramatics have no luminous dial elements but its black on silver combo and the minimal designs make the time display very legible, even in very low light.

Practicality presented with grandeur. It makes the Intramatic so charming and a great alternative to wear a troublesome ticker that needs immediate retirement.