Q. Gonzo!

It’s been a while I’ve been following your posts. No, not that I just passed by them leisurely; I too drool an outcome. But as I presume, this is just one of those queries that will end up in your mailbox-Trash after being answered and I don’t regret that. You help me with my transition choice and you’ll forever have my gratitude.

Something I must tell you here. I’m totally a battery-quartz guy so far with my newly acquired knowledge on the higher-end quartz mechanisms (solar and kinetic; spring-drive et al) which makes the choice harder. The world-time is a feature that fascinates me!

However, I’m not looking to buy any of those for the time being; I guess I need to read a bit more before I turn to you again. My real concern this time is a plain, Swiss mechanical piece; something that doesn’t blow a fanfare for someone entering into a wholly different world. I also need to stay within a thousand dollars. So, I can do without a classy one, if needed.

Hope my question is a pertinent one, so expecting reply.


There’s a Tissot review you’ll find here. If that doesn’t do, I suggest you Hamilton. You get an American style built with Swiss precision. It’s a bit of the American railroads history and bit about the memories of the U.S. troops in World War II.

Hamilton is a part of the Swatch Group now; its funds, facilities and merchandising are Swatch’s headaches. The Hamilton craftsmen; therefore, devote solely to the art of watch-making, minus any distraction. Moreover, it’s an esteemed and well-known Swiss name that doesn’t kill your wallet. Max, it scratches; sometimes a little deep but you can bear with that much pain.

The kind that will suit you perfectly – as far as I could make out – is the Khaki Aviation. They are clean, uncomplicated and relatively inexpensive. The H76665835 is a fine example; it’s a relatively lightweight and compact automatic watch. There are a few more of this kind in different sizes, colours, movements and sub-designs; however, please check them yourself and see if you like one.

The one I mentioned is particularly like-able for its automatic movement, brushed finish, black dial………and – a v-e-e-e-r-y casual-looking Olive/Green leather strap. There’s a clear sapphire case-back showing the gears inside, hard-at-work! The surprise is, in every way it exceeds the expectations one might have towards a budget Swiss and it’s also unusual and casual – with an almost steam-punk vibe – and the heavy-thread stitching plays a large part in that. It makes a statement without being gaudy or cumbersome, so go the whole hog and take pride in this automatic!

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