Why the Jazzmaster, again? Haven’t there been some extensive discussions on the series previously? Sure, but not on this particular model, which is – let’s just call it incredible! No; not because of the latest innovations in watch-making finding their way into it. It is for the improvisations this time on the proven design of its primary version. Modernity is held as a king in this particular model, evident from its contemporary shaping and the dial design, all exhibiting a confidence that only true quality can impart.

It’s a pleasant surprise the way its gray sunburst dial catches the light. The blue hands stand out with an enhanced tonal vibrancy against it while the silver sub-dials shine in a terrific manner, exceeding all expectations. A great parity in the colour scheme results from the black strap with gray stitch. The buckle is standard and Hamilton-signed, which is great for a quick put-on or take-off.

This one, too, relies on the same JazzMaster formula, complete with signature ornate lugs, elegant, luxurious dials and Swiss mechanical movements. It shows how the classic turns modern without deviating from its dress-chrono path a bit. So far, it is one of the most handsome offerings in the entire dress/sports category; all brands included and packs in quite a lot of wrist presence without compromising on wearing comfort. It feels special.

The monochromatic colouring makes it simultaneously cool, classy and retro, reminding of the jazz clubs of the ‘60s. Its excellent symmetry comes from the light changes in the set patterns, which is most evident from the flared-down date window. It integrates beautifully with the rest of the additions to the dial; with the chronograph counters and the small seconds-hand. It keeps this JazzMaster from turning too flashy but still carries a pleasant shine.

Turn it over and there’s the 27-jewel ETA 7753 movement gleaming through the glass. It is the classic 3-6-9 layout version of the 7750 and is considered one among the best chrono movements that are used in contemporary mass-produced watches.  The chronograph function uses the 30 minutes (at 3’o clock dial) and hour-measure counters (at 9’o clock) while to count the seconds, it uses the large seconds-hand at the centre. It doesn’t conflict with the small sub-seconds at the bottom.

However, unlike others, the crown has only two positions, not three. When pushed in, it allows hand-winding; pulled out, it sets the time. To adjust the date, press the small inset button on the case at 10’o clock. It will advance one step at a time.

But putting everything aside, the new Jazzmaster is an incredible watch in person and the slightly domed sapphire crystal is a big reason behind. It’s not very often you come across glass that blends so smoothly into the bezel!

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