[Part: II]

The GS magic doesn’t let you go wrong.

The last time we spoke about how accuracy surfaces as one of the deciding factors. We’ll today shift to a considerable chunk that earns its right to brag with owning the Grand Seiko solely by this factor.

It is easy buying just any GS; at random, if there is sufficient money. Wealth doesn’t need any knowledge of movements; neither of material and overall built quality. Just a good aesthetic and design does that.  You end up with a watch that you really don’t understand.

Note: Those are Gonzo’s words. Even the ones underneath! I can never, ever be so rude.

The specs are all very impressive, though. But you need some understanding of numbers on spreadsheets to begin that. You need to understand them a bit to catch the real soul of GS to adequately explain later. When others admire your object of admiration (or the whole of you admiring it), the nature of specifics follow an unusual, elegant route. It lets tradition fuse to technology and I’m not sure whether ‘seamless’ fits here. It’s far beyond that. The GS movements cannot be replicated and that adds to their heritage. Advancing the technology of movements at the same time keeps it growing.

Note: Questions might arise if anything such as a best GS exists? Someone asked it and Gonzo replies to it with his typical Gonzo-like rudeness:

  • Compared to what? I’ll consider a movement to be the deciding factor that eloquently expresses this philosophy. The ‘spring drive’ – in my personal opinion – is a revolutionary movement that takes the Grand Seiko to its highest form.

SBGR053_LRG.jpg (600×720)

Well, Gonzo, aren’t you deliberately missing out on the other aspects, which are now almost synonymous with Grand Seiko? The integration of varying finishes and the flawless assembly – aren’t they exceedingly unique and high-tech? A GS is not just about a ‘tri-synchro regulator’ getting rid of the need for batteries and outrunning the larger chunk of the quartz accuracy market with its ‘mainspring-dependency’. The spring drive might allow true watch collectors enjoy fully the beauty of ‘high-tech traditional’ amidst a sea of remarkably refined and supremely advanced quartz and mechanical movements, but luxury – at least to me – is not that deep. Neither are my pockets. A ‘Presage’ might be a better choice for me (and a lot among us) as a fine mechanical than I settling for GS quartz!

But it’s also true if deep pockets were essential to own a subject (that’s right; not object) of pride, Gonzo wouldn’t have his watch-drobe.

SBGR073_LRG.jpg (600×720)

  • It’s just a matter of time before you lay your hands on it. A Grand Seiko is completely the opposite of general understanding of quartz. They are among the best ever made and from them who fathered quartz movements. Don’t confuse others between Presage and the GS.”

Note: There’s still lot more things that Gonzo went about but to hear the entire story, you gotta wait a bit more.


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