Declaration: We overlook the presence of a date function when we talk about ‘minimalist’ pieces here, thus slackening the very strict rules by a bit. Else, it’s just the basic timekeeping function that you will find in a true minimalist watch costing at least, a few thousand dollars.

The Minimalist design, as deemed by notable watchmakers around the world, invariably brings to the mind a thin case and strikingly simple aesthetics; it could be modern, vintage or retro. And certainly, there are a multitude of colors and straps to choose from in the Minimalist domain; including some of the silicon, rubber and ceramic types.

Still, somehow; the white dialed gold finished three-hander with a black or a tan/ brown leather strap image unfolds whenever we hear the word Minimalist. For minimalist watches started that way. Later on, colors and materials changed; the actual Minimalist types were classified further under minimalist dress watches. It is not to be confused with dress watches; a dress watch might have more than one complication into it and therefore; not a minimalist watch in its truest sense.

Compare the Presage above with a Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic; the differences are clear. The Seiko Presage; however, I find it more appealing. I would also give a few grace points to the Citizen Super Titanium Automatic and include it into my very own minimalist repertoire.

The Fossil Groups’ Skagen brand introduced a modern interpretation of minimalist watches, some of which are pretty interesting and are not confined to formal clothes or atmospheres only. In fact, the Skagen Signatur – for example – is more suitable to business casuals than with a proper business suit. There is a black version  to it too, which goes very well with dark, dinner clothing. The black stainless-steel case is remarkable for its combination of a large diameter and a thin profile, barely thicker than the strap it comes with. It’s got a solid build and a completely uncluttered design.

Owning a minimalist watch; therefore, is no more a costly affair today as it’s not only Patek or Permigiani or Lange that create minimalistic watches; to be precise, minimalistic dress watches. Many more attractive and reliable timepieces in this particular category are available today and many among them are built to serve over multiple generations, acting as a family heirloom. There’s no fancy stuff involved with these; just the essential timekeeping function and at the most, a date. Added with other complications like a power-reserve or a GMT or chronograph functions, it might become one of the classiest dress watches around, but never a minimalist! Always remember: A minimalist watch will never pretend to be anything than it is, just like gentlemen of yore.

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