Amidst this worldwide lockdown, many among us chose to step out of the norm. Knowingly or unknowingly, we changed our usual routines. A person with no hard and fast rules to follow currently might find his usual wear not the perfect timepiece for the time; its practicality and functionalities not matching these leisurely hours. This is time for some vibrancy to give you a lively jerk. Always know it’s the darker tones that’ll keep your back.

This is when you indulge into styles and designs many of you might have avoided before, thinking about how, when and where to wear your watch in the future. Even this lockdown is going to dilute over the next months, you’ll still be able to wear them for the evenings. These are sleek, contemporary and seriously stylish watches, only dark. These are some of the best black watches around for men at greatly affordable prices.



1. Citizen Eco Drive Nylon Strap: Alternatively called the Black Canvas watch, this all-black, stealthy look shows its military influences and makes for an amazing addition to any watch collection. This one you can pair with practically any type of outfit; from casual to formal and everything in-between. It is not a ‘sports’ watch but; don’t try any of the extreme activities with this one on.



2. Citizen Eco-Drive Nighthawk Chronograph: This Nighthawk Chronograph is sleeker than the most popular Nighthawk models and handsome from the social context. Its blackout design comes out very well with black ion-plated stainless steel at play; its simpler dial is a contrast between different shades of gray and black. Combine leading-edge technology to precision engineering and the result is this stealth Promaster with unique functionality!  US $200.00



3. Seiko Solar Chronograph Alarm Black: A solid watch for the money! Got a fantastic build quality and a movement that will last for years. It is a zero-hassle quartz chronograph; aggressive and masculine in its appearance. Its elegance allows it to fancy soirees and poolside nightclubs; at other times, you can wear it to work or the tennis court alike. It is an adaptable watch with a well-executed design. <a” href=””>US $194.00


4.Seiko Prospex Automatic Scuba Divers: You will love this great looking Samurai in unique black and gold. It’s a standout from your typical polished/brushed stainless steel or titanium watches and sits great on the wrist. Keeps excellent time and its power reserve is awesome. Highly recommended if you’re looking for something unique, sleek, perfect, comfortable, accurate and appreciable. The silicone band is velvety with an awesome vintage-styled buckle. US $465.00



5.Fossil The Minimalist 3H: The Minimalist from the American watchmaker is notable due to its thin case-design, which gives it its striking modern aesthetic. The minimalist philosophy has been applied to every element of this watch, which makes the Minimalist resemble modern and simple Scandinavian designs at times. The simple quartz movement does nothing but keep accurate time and it does its job well. US $97.00