Seiko Kinetic Cal. 5M62 is an analogue quartz watch equipped with an Automatic Generating System developed by Seiko. It generates the electric energy to power the watch, utilizing the movement of the arm, and stores it in the Kinetic Electricity Storage Unit (Kinetic E.S.U.), which requires no periodical replacement unlike conventional button-type batteries. When the Kinetic E.S.U. is fully charged, the watch will keep operating for approximately 6 months (Cal. 5M62) without recharging the Kinetic E.S.U. The Kinetic E.S.U. is a clean and environmentally friendly power source. To charge the Kinetic E.S.U. efficiently, swing the watch from side to side. When the watch is swung, the oscillating weight in the generating system rotates to drive the mechanism. As it rotates, it gives out a sound, which is not a malfunction.

The watch is equipped with a system to prevent overcharge. Even if it is further swung after being fully charged, no malfunction will result. It is not necessary to charge the watch fully, as it is charged automatically while it is worn on your wrist. The power reserve indicator provides only a general guideline of the duration within which the watch keeps operating without needing to be charged. You can immediately press the button again to recheck the power reserve one more time. To set the exact time, pull out the crown all the way when the second hand is at the 12 o’clock position and push it back in to the normal position in accordance with a time signal. When setting the hour hand, check that AM/PM is correctly set. The watch is so designed that the calendar changes once in 24 hours. For divers, the real benefits have come from coupling this energy source with a long-term storage capability. The results brought together in some of Seiko’s kinetic dive watch models are truly leading edge. This is great for divers who may use the timepiece strictly as a dive watch and therefore leave it sitting idle for extended periods of time when not actively engaged in diving activities. By utilizing an automatic quartz movement, powered by kinetic energy, you get the accuracy of quartz with no need to replace the battery until it reaches the end of its life, which may be several decades. Constructed with a strong stainless steel case, the watch includes a grooved, unidirectional stainless steel bezel with white second’s indexes, and a tough urethane strap with a secure buckle strap. A durable hardlex window protects the dark blue dial face, which features large white dot-and-arrow hour markers. The dial also includes white minute markers, complementary skeleton hands, and a convenient date calendar at three o’clock.

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Some Important Features

  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Rubber Strap
  • Water Resistant 200meters
  • Unidirectional Blue and Red Bezel
  • Blue Dial with large luminous hands and markers
  • Case diameter: 47mm with crown
  • Case thickness: 14mm
  • Calibre: 5M62
  • Type: Divers
  • Movement: Quartz Kinetic

This watch is available for USD 225.00 with us
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