Telling time is not the only reason why the affluent few buy luxury wrist watches. Is it because of the craftsmanship and high quality that is synonymous with the luxury watch brands? Yes, and more.

A garish symbol of one’s wealth

Aside from all the other luxurious items that can make one sing Welcome to the Good Life at the top of his/her lungs, haute horologic is considered to be among the top best. Compared with other status symbols (bags, mansion, cars), a luxury wrist watch is one of the most discreet; a symbol of stealth wealth.

Luxury watches does have that kind of snob appeal in them. To a keen observer and watch enthusiast, a Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 5002P on someone’s wrist screams a certain personal statement that everyone wishes to achieve: “I’ve arrived!” You and I both know that, that little piece of beauty doesn’t come cheap. It can easily fund a World War or something.

Others rich folks shy away from prudent pieces. They want to make their wrists pop with show-me-the-money type of watches. And with that, our appropriate response would be, “Why not?”

They want to be really obvious. Fine! With a 201 Carat Chopard Watch (priced at $25,000,000!!!), you will definitely wow everyone, even crooks. But, hey, that’s your thing. No judgment from us.

Fashion Statement

Watch as a fashion statement is more of a man thing than a woman’s. Men don’t have the availability of choices that women have in terms of accessorizing to distinguish their style. Women can supplement their look with purses, different kinds of jewelry pieces, and even head ornaments.

Men can’t wear tiaras, so they make watches from prestigious and expensive watchmakers their magnum opus. Luxury watches provide the wearer a way to create a fashion statement in a subtle way. They can emphasize the kind of look you’re going for.

Investment Piece

If done right (with emphasis on the word ‘right’), buying a certain watch can be equal to discovering a gold mine. Watches from reputable watch brands with exemplary quality can be real investment pieces. The worth increases in time.

There is a big difference between watches that are just expensive and the ones that are collectible. Vintage watches can fetch really high at auctions. Higher if the watch comes with a good history or associated with a famous person. If you can’t afford to buy a $ 1.2 M watch right now, do the next best thing – become famous! Who knows? Maybe your $250 watch will sell for $10,000 someday. Before you raise an eyebrow, know this: anything is possible.