• September 22, 2012
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It’s a good question when you think about it: what do you actually want from your watch? The very fact that there is so much choice makes it even more relevant, for rather than wading through page after page of different watches you may be able to arrive at a short-list of models that suit your needs. There are many watches that cover many different bases, and it makes sense to buy one that you feel comfortable with on a variety of occasions as this will help keep your expenditure to a minimum. However, there are some basic questions that can help you buy the perfect watch.

Casio Baby-G World Time Womens Watch
Casio Baby-G World Time Womens Watch

The first is the obvious one: are you looking for a watch for a man, or for Womens Watches? All watch-makers offer a separate range for each, and some have an impressive choice of styles for both men and women. It is no surprise that men’s watches make up the majority of those sold, but women have a great choice too.

Now, you need to consider the purpose of the watch: is it a fashion statement, or is it purely for function? This is an important question as there are watches for both men and women that are aimed at different occasions. For instance, a man may want a watch for special occasions, a dress watch such as the stylish and modern Jacques Lemans Dublin Ceramic, or he may want a more sporting watch, one like the Bulova Marine Star 98B151. These are two completely different designs that are aimed at different buyers – or, in fact, the same buyer for different occasions!

Women may also be looking for a classy watch for those evenings out, for example the very beautiful Bulova Diamond Case White Dial 98R138, a stylish watch that is designed for evening wear, but she may also be an active sort, in which case she might be looking for functions such as those provided by the Casio Baby G Shock Watch BGA-112C-7B Gemmy Dial model with its accurate stopwatch and shock-resistant features. The intended purpose of each is very different, but they offer excellent style and functions that are very useful indeed.

Buying the perfect watch is as much about knowing what you want as understanding the market; there is much to be said for making a shortlist of models that you have seen when searching, and choosing the one that makes the most sense for you.

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