Secret living is a much cherished thing. Even the Gonzo sometimes wants people not to see what he’s sporting; those are the times for what they call the Citizen Stealth. Speaking personally, it’s very good looking, a boldness not comparable to other usual luxury beaters. The minimal contrast is not for all to like, much less to carry.

But hey! There’s no spy-thriller or concept attached to it; if you are looking for something that interesting, Citizen got some even James Bond would like to strap on. Find them here. If you want a simple watch with carefully imparted unattractiveness (in general sense), then read on.

It’s a well built watch with a different kind of aesthetic detail and design concept. Very comfortable to wear, in the sense – good old black will always be comfortable. Black is eternal; there’s no NEW to it. Black getting NEW is like steel without its temper!

This Citizen Eco Drive Stealth fills your every need for black. Black dial, black hands – all it needs is a proper angle to view things clearly. You gotta find that out. That’s not everyone’s cuppa. However, it’s not for extreme low-light situations, the green lume is minimal. If you want things even darker, black hardware can be used. Black leather and black PVD steel for the eyelets and the buckle are changeable.

Let’s see the utility part. We spoke of the time-telling earlier, so leaving that, there’s day/date and 100m WR. The Eco-Drive movement is better this time, in every aspect. Together, it rarely requires or attracts any attention – so a perfect everyday timepiece.

Returning to the aesthetic side of it, the lack of a long, ticking seconds hand is a relief to the eyes. Few like us who want their seconds hand sweeping or no seconds hand at all shall rejoice at this easy settlement. The separate seconds dial make the ticking seconds hand less hitting to the eye and it also kind of gives out a mechanical feel. Great for mech users who are looking for inexpensive yet quality quartz that won’t remind them every time it’s something different on their respective wrists. The stealth thing also comes into play here and it comes for good.

Let’s summarise why the Citizen Stealth is a wise buy.

  • It rarely requires any attention regarding maintenance. Wipe it once every day and it will be sparkly good.
  • A bold design; borrows a thing or two from the military
  • Rugged yet refined, sporty; effortlessly stylish.
  • Stainless steel with black ion plating is a lasting bond.
  • Style and functionality are well balanced; never stares stark at your face or catches attention due to untimely glimmers.

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