Those who like big, bulky, colorful, snazzy watches that usually tell more than the time now get a chance to rejoice and revamp their watchery. This Seiko Velatura Kinetic Perpetual appears clad in an entirely new and different skin. It is a different kind of elegance, not the type in black and silver or in gold and white. It’s superior in many ways when it comes to being stylistic and functional at the same time; it is impressive because it starts a new trend within an old territory with full convenience, comfort and functionality.

Let’s see first what Seiko offers. The Seiko Velatura Premier Perpetual has a 42mm / 12mm stainless steel case with a special, dark blue, hard coating on what appears to be the bezel-protector instead of being a bezel alone. The blue-tone of the face makes the other colors come out prominently; this removes any chances of misreading. The two subdials indicate month and 24-hoursand there are two windows – one showing the perpetual calendar while the other one is for leap-year display. A sapphire glass – to top it all! And oh, the kinetic movement inside is a Cal.7D48.

Despite all that, question remains, why should you consider this and not anything else at this price point? Don’t know about yours, but here’s a personal note:

It’s ELEGANT! The navy/dark blue and silver combo imparts to it a grave yet peppy tone. The colors contrast and blend at the same time, entailing masculinity and exuding sporty sophistication. This is the one to wear on a cruise, on the beach and during the summer olidays. Refined ruggedness always stands out.

It’s COMFORTABLE. Looking best and feeling confident is all about comfort levels. The SNP103P1 wraps and clings onto your wrist; it doesn’t dig or bite. It’s enough to impart a gentle, light and assuring feel and the buckle closure ensures it can take a fair bit of prying.

It’s BATTERY-FREE. The cal. 7D48 kinetic movement stores electrical charge generated by the hands motions. This means factory seals not coming off unless something grave happens to the watch. Everyday usage charges it up within a month flat and then you are ready for many months; for years, under power saving mode.

It’s FUNCTIONAL. No gimmickry here, you get all that you need with a single glance. Plus, it’s hassle free date-keeping without worrying about setting it right for every odd month and leap years. Nothing new to say about its accuracy. The Seiko legacy rules here.

One disadvantage, though. The color scheme goes very well with dark blue pinstripes but not the band. There are plush, dark blue, leather straps from Seiko but that incurs extra cost.


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