” – High styles with good built, materials that kind of flatter and it doesn’t go high up on the scales that determine the seriousness of a watch.- “

That kind of rounds up Nautica but given the number of fascinated users around, I believe I owe them an explanation. However, I meant no offence and any apology later will be completely unnecessary. I assure you on that.

Yes! A Nautica is THE THING if you are in your late-teens (we all go through that); even better, if you are an active teen (not the geek types). One good thing about Nautica is their simplicity in inner mechanism helps its makers focus more on its build. I’m not saying their movements are bad; it’s just good for keeping and/or measuring the tracks of time and it does that well (don’t compare with a Citizen Eco-Drive or other solar quartzes, though; they are different technologies). There’s nothing artistic or awe-inspiring in them. But they are built strong as hell; mine keeps me company when I’m out to the park with my dogs or when a friend is moving homes. I believe it will stay put even if I try to move mountains some day, no pun intended.

As a mid-range fashion watch, they are more than appreciable and some of their decent looking releases are pretty good in fact. I was searching for something between $200 and $300 and no, not Citizens or Seiko-s this time but something different which I never considered before. There’s a secret behind, too; I got some young friends (20 – 27/28/30 years) who kind of dig fashion and designer labels. I thought of bringing down a model that’s not commercially available where I stay and by the way, these people are not online shoppers. So I’m a step ahead.

Cutting the long story short, I picked and chose from a small ocean of designer models and was lastly stuck on multifunction. They all looked much nicer compared to the other and the price doesn’t stop you from making the perfect use out of them. I’d call them a fun watch for times you don’t want to change from shorts to trousers but you want to go out (on wheels or on legs) or when you are out to some country club to get all muddy and wet. The Nautica watches (now 5 of those young chaps got them) hold well against spilled beer and muddy fields alike.

Some might find them standard-looking. Some of the very low priced are, indeed but as you go higher up, the colors show – not in the infamous chintzy way, though. Nautica doesn’t mind giving what you are paying for. This is why it appeals to various tastes and spending power. If you want a good watch but without worrying on its maintenance (apart from the three or four yearly battery replacement) or water seepage (Nautica watches are based on the principles of sailing watches), go for one.

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