• August 15, 2015
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Earlier there have been discussions on the Bulova Precisionist and most of you are not going to read the post. Wait, I forgot to mention Wilton.  Aesthetically, it is vastly different from what we so far knew to be Bulova Precisionist Chronograph – the ultra-modern sports watch.

The Wilton is a completely different piece that doesn’t fit the usual Precisionist models. It came up since Bulova decided to expand their products and bring along some unforeseen diversities. The movement is the same as used in other Precisionist watches; except that, everything is different. The Wilton is a dress watch with sports functionalities, but this aspect stays well hidden under the dress demeanour.

So, how does this watch fare?

The technological marvel behind this Precisionist is its smooth, sweeping seconds-hand. This one doesn’t have a curved crystal but a more traditional, watch case design. This thrilled a lot of people who didn’t want to go for the typical Precisionist look, sometimes rated ‘outright weird’ by the admirers of classical designs.

No doubt it is a heavy watch and large too, measuring lug to lug. But the leather band keeps it well under the normal dimensions by creating an optical illusion.

Now, why the name Precisionist? Simply because it never fluctuates beyond ten seconds a year, whereas other quartz watches gain ten seconds or more a month. The Precisionist movement comprises a unique, three-prong crystal, producing 262.144 kilohertz (kHz) of frequencies! With normal quartzes, it’s 4 hertz at the most.

The Precisionist movement can measure 1/1000th of a second, which is the first of its kind to find place in a dress watch. Its benefit is a three-fold one; firstly, a sweeping seconds hand giving the impression of mechanicals, greater accuracy and sports-like durability. But, the accuracy comes at the cost of battery life, unless you replace it with a new-generation battery, which are pretty large as well. This is the reasons behind the case being so big.

The dial is a nice one for the money and the details add the required depth and sharpness to it. But, no sapphire; this helps to keep the price within an affordable range. The strap is also another reason but it’s not a terrible one. If you don’t like it, an aftermarket strap is easily available.

Coming down to the most important part of the watch – the chronograph! It measures up to 12 hours and got a very attractive layout. It also works bit differently than other chronographs; well, than most and hence, there are three sub-dials to it which keep measurements till the third ‘decimal point’. To fit six hands on a single dial is no joke! It’s impressive, in short and for the money, you are bound to like the mix in its design and the size.

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