JW0071-58E is a Promaster Eco-Drive Titanium watch with world time from Citizen. The look of this watch is really impressive. This watch is combination of both analog and digital display.

This Citizen Super Chronograph 100 can measure time to 1/1000sec (precise reading). As well as split time, lap time & speed, the watch also displays average speed if the distance is input in advance. Great watch to wear especially for time recording. The movement of this watch is Eco-Drive Quartz movement (Cal. U700). This watch is a solar powered watch i.e. it charges in sunlight or Indoors and no need to change the batteries.

This watch also has Power Saver Function. Its battery duration without recharging is approx. 7 years with the power save function and Approx. 8 months without the power save function. This watch has Magic Light-Electro Luminescence which enables you at the push of a button to light up the dial. This is done by a phosphorescent substance under the influence of an applied voltage. Its Split Time features shows time elapsed from a starting point to an intermediate point (split time) and time elapsed in a particular section (lap time) Race (Lap time, speed). This watch is powered by light.

If the watch is not exposed to light for a long time, it stops moving.
This watch also has world time function i.e., you can easily see the time of 43 cities all over the world. This watch has a battery which is charged by exposing the dial to light such as direct sunlight or fluorescent lamps.

You can measure times up to 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds 999, per 1/1000 second.  When the measurement time passes over 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds 999, the measurement stops and the measurement time is reset. When 60 seconds elapsed after starting /restarting the measurement, the chronograph 1/10 second and 1/100 second hands stop at “0/.00.” Using this watch you can set the alarm based on the time of the selected city. This watch has two display functions analog and digital. Analog section shows the time in hours, minutes and seconds. Digital section displays calendar with year, month, date and day of the week.

This watch also features overcharge prevention function, insufficient charge warning function ½ and daylight saving time ON/OFF function.

Some important features:

  • Eco-Drive: Charges in sunlight or indoors.
  • No battery change ever required!
  • Perpetual Calendar.
  • Operating time: Approx. 7 years (power save function).
  • Operating time: Approx. 8 months (Fully charged).
  • Power Reserve Indicator.
  • Chronograph measurement: 1/1000 sec.
  • 43 Cities World Time.
  • Daylight saving time feature.
  • 20 Lap record Memory.
  • Maximum Water Resistant: 200m.
  • Digital display with back-light.
  • Sapphire Crystal.
  • Duratect Titanium case and Bracelet.
  • Case diameter: 54 mm including crown.
  • Dial diameter: 33mm.
  • Thickness: 14mm.

This watch is available for USD 770.00 with us
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