An Overview of Citizen Stilleto Ecodrive AR3010-65A AR3010 Men’s Watch

This watch is amazingly thin Ecodrive Watch from Citizen and this watch is one most important Part of the exquisite Stilleto collection. The most important feature of this Citizen Ecodrive Watch is that, at only 4mm thick this has to one of the thinnest watches ever made. And the simplicity of this watch is define by its Stainless Steel  case which has the added advantage of being a more rugged alloy than gold or silver as it is nearly indestructible.  In this Citizen Mens Watch Stainless steel bracelet rise to fame and popularity is not really surprising. The Push button buckle is the part of this watch that either opens or separates allowing the watch to fit around the hand. Sapphire glass covered this watch, which makes it a natural choice; the glass does get dinged and dented with frequent daily use. It’s just a normal part of wearing a watch. The working caliber of this watch is G-870 and this is a Water resistant watch.

This Citizen Eco-Drive Watch uses the power of light to continuously recharge their batteries. This revolutionary process works so well that the battery is able to store enough power to run the watch for 6 months in a completely dark room. What this means to you is no more need to replace watch batteries. Even if for some reason the watch does run completely down all you need to do to re-power it is to place it in the sunlight for a few hours. Each and every year hundreds of thousands of watch batteries enter our landfills – with this Eco-drive model you will stop contributing to this.  This Citizen Ecodrive watch also offer some amazing features such as Low charge indicator, Insufficient Charge Warning Function and Overcharge Prevention Function. This Stilleto Eco drive Watch is an integral part of a person’s attire and best choice for men’s.

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Some Important Features:

Citizen Stilleto Ecodrive AR3010-65A AR3010 Men's Watch
Citizen Stilleto Ecodrive AR3010-65A AR3010 Men's Watch

Stainless steel case
Stainless steel bracelet
Sapphire glass
Push button buckle
Low charge indicator
Eco Drive: 6-month power reserve
Insufficient Charge Warning Function
Overcharge Prevention Function
Calibre: G-870
Water resistant

This watch is available for US $252.00 with us.
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