I have been wanting to write about this watch for a long time, but didn’t get around to it. I am not going to do a detailed post even now, since I haven’t taken any picture of this watch yet. But i just couldn’t wait to talk about it. Its the Citizen Eco-Drive Moon Phase Semi-Perpetual calendar watch BU0003-02P. When I first saw this watch I was like WOW. It really looks nicely polished and beautiful. If you like golden watches, this has to be in your collection. And for the price, it is a steal.

Citizen Eco-Drive Calendrier Moon Phase Semi Perpetual BU0003-02P
Citizen Eco-Drive Calendrier Moon Phase Semi Perpetual BU0003-02P

As you can see, its an eco-drive so you can forget about changing batteries etc. The watch is also semi-perpetual which means you have to adjust the date only once in 4 years (leap year adjustment). The month is at 3’O clock and the day at 9 O’clock. There is a date sub-dial at 12 o’clock. Some people might not like Citizen’s choice of using display windows for day and month while a sub-dial for date and find it odd. But then again, for others it might just be what they want. As for me, I do not care as much as the watch overall has already impressed me a lot. The finish is beautiful and the watch looks really really expensive. It could have been, but Citizen has, as always, delivered excellent quality at a very reasonable price. (In fact, the name Citizen was chosen for the watch company for this very purpose. The founder wanted to have every ‘Citizen’ access to high quality time-pieces at affordable prices. I must say Citizen has kept to this promise until now, and the BU0003-02P proves it)

I will have another post about this watch with some close-up pics (I have to admit my photography skills are still not the best, but I will try).

You can check it out and purchase it here: Citizen Eco-Drive Semi Perpetual Golden Watch BU0003-02P

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  1. I have the Citizen BU0011-63Z which is simply stunning, a quality item for a reasonable price. I am very very happy.

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