Momentary Lapse of Season: Showered in Floyd-ian thoughts

Many a times I’ve faced discernment and criticism and confronting critical eyes is not something very rare in the close circuit. If you must, call it flattery but you can never say that Gonzo had been unfair! Calling names (standard-bearer, gatekeeper and a few more other bittersweet epithets) is what a pitiably small group of  illogical, bubbleheads do best and I admire whoever does his job best unless it’s crime.

It’s not my cuppa to be awash in timepieces that suffocate their magic with the price! Neither do I have that kind of easy, spare-able money. But nevertheless, you can’t help admiring a beauty. More like that Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn thing; you can’t hang around with Marilyn always. She’s too flashy! And strong.

So rather than the Rolex or something equally expensive, I’d anyday vote for the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Altichron Cirrus Titanium if I’m preparing for the field. In the watch wearing world, practicality rules. Buy what you normally need, not the bells and whistles. This one gives just as much what you need while going up there.

Verity never goes out of style! Neither does leanness.

My particular hots for the ALTICHRON CIRRUS was looked down with disdain upon revealing desires related towards its all-time use. It’s not for its technical side solely that I wanted defining it. There could be (and are) many reasons that surpass the facades created from half-baked fashion and horological senses; mountains of press releases may make a watch (the blingy outside, sleazy inside types) today but it’s an honest and authentic timepiece! Praises are its best rewards! Not propped up with marketing gibberish; rather it’s intrinsic, useful functions and overall quality that adds to its value. It’s not something a scathing critic may damn! It’s unbelievable!

That’s why you wear it. That’s why I need to wear it. All the time!

A return to senses: Coming back to life

High time to explain why those high flown words came about. It’s the 1st anniversary (ok, almost; mid-May 2014 was when it was released) of the ALTICHRON CIRRUS! Eco-Drive with dual sensors running the electronic compass and the altimeter fills out the show!

The newest among the PROMASTERs, it’s hard to tell whether the titanium version beats the pearl-white titanium or just the opposite; however, both have heard some good things from professionals held in highest regard worldwide. Supreme durability, far superior functionality (10,000m up; 300m down) and out-of-the-world esthetics captures imagination just like that. And, the compass! All that makes for some complex array of information on and around the dial, but the CIRRUS’ sophisticated display capability turns it all very easy. It enhances and adds prominence to the 3D-depth, imparting a floating impression of the indexes and hands beneath the crystal. Imagine clouds sailing along the dome of the sky!

The CIRRUS comes under the LAND collection of the Promaster series – in Citizen’s own words: “…Reflecting Aspirations toward Exploring Infinite New Territories”.  Hardened with DLC (amorphous, hard-carbon film with excellent abrasion resistance; greatly improves surface qualities due to high adherence). Citizen’s own plasma CVD film-coating technology uses a middle-film that clings to the material underneath and the DLC on top. The Diamond-like-Carbon filming process uses hydrocarbon gas and a mix of diamond (sp3) and graphite (sp2) structures, the core materials for the DLC film. Its great hardness (Hv1000-1400), excellent abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistance and a small friction-coefficient is helpful for the shine to stay longer; the elegant tint comes as a bonus!

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