Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Watch – Space Age Technology on your Wrist!

Many people love the feel of wearing something space-age and if you happen to be one of them then the Citizen ProMaster Eco-Drive watch is definitely for you. It is a watch like the kind you might expect to see on the wrist of an astronaut or on a wrist of the best Formula-1 racecar driver.

Citizen Promaster Watch
Citizen Promaster Watch

The analogy is not far-fetched in fact, it would be right at home on the wrist of F-1 race car driver because the Citizen ProMaster Eco-Drive has a stopwatch that automatically calculates the average speed of car based on the track length you’ve keyed input into the watch. It also automatically displays your fastest lap.

In this article, we feature Citizen ProMaster JW0010-52E Ecodrive Watch and the Citizen’s ProMaster Cyber Aqualand

The Citizen Promaster JW0010-52E Eco-Drive watch is solar powered, combining a sporty and bold design that incorporates a number of useful features. This classy watch offers a precise analog digital quartz movement on an extremely sleek-looking chronograph dial. The watch shows 1/1000th second accuracy and is capable of measuring 24 hours of elapsed time, split lap time and can also give average speed calculation.  Citizen ProMaster JW0010-52E Eco-Drive watch can show the World time for 43 different cities has an alarm, a 99-minute countdown timer and a non reflective mineral crystal. A red LED backlight makes it easier to see the time in poor light conditions. A screw back case with a rotating slide rule bezel completes the sporty look. The watch is water resistant up to 660 feet and comes with a stainless steel bracelet. Warranty is five years.

Citizen’s ProMaster Cyber Aqualand

The Citizen’s ProMaster Cyber Aqualand watch is a computer dive watch that can communicate and transfer your dive data to your computer. The watch is a big advancement over existing dive watches and is a step in the right direction at least for professional diving companies that need to employ a large number of divers and keep detailed records of each dive.

The Citizen’s ProMaster Cyber Aqualand watch can not only transfer data to a computer, the user can also customize the watch settings via a computer. The Citizen’s ProMaster Cyber Aqualand watch includes features such as dive calculator, residual nitrogen calculator, no-fly time calculation, thermometer, depth sensor, high-visibility EL backlighting and of course, water resistance to 200 meters. The watch also has several dive related alarms that can be individually set to different parameters.

The Citizen’s ProMaster Cyber Aqualand stores various dive related data in a tinny memory chip within the watch. This data can then be transferred to a computer via a USB cable. The Citizen’s ProMaster Cyber Aqualand watch also boasts of an infrared port that is used to communicate with other watches (of the same brand and model) in the immediate vicinity – again, this feature is much appreciate by professional diving teams.

If you love sophisticated, state-of-the-art watches, then you just can’t go wrong with selecting either the ProMaster Cyber Aqualand watch or the Citizen ProMaster JW0010-52E Eco-Drive watch. Having space age technology on your wrist makes one hell of a fashion statement.

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