Those with towering anticipations on Gonzo going to pick the best 5 or 10 from Citizen’s Eco Drive lot shall be a bit disappointed, for this is not about the jewels in the Eco-Drive collection, but a concise presentation on why Eco-Drive is a sane and sensible choice, unlike some people – with unjustified bigotry that praise only a few, specific models and brands – say. Maybe a Rolex or an Omega, to them, are better choices for they can flaunt their wealth best that way, but it’s the same who will cringe once confronting Patek-s or a JLC. They are great, great watches and I will not think twice kicking anyone slandering them, but here we are talking practicality for those who are not that fortunate. I’m not blind to reality; thousands of dollars dangling from the wrist is not going to let us enjoy peace the way an Eco-Drive does. If I really have to justify on the Eco-Drive, it’s just great quality and a great look.

Eco-Drive watches are built with a few purposes behind, the prime one being the relief from the burden of changing batteries, the way it is with regular quartz. 5 months to 4 years, it depends on the model how long it can run on a full charge. Usually, the higher the model, greater it is. However, with a multitude of great many models, designs and configurations to choose from, ranging from dress to sports to aviation to professional diving, what’s going to suit you the best?


Frankly, it’s what you are after. Not even the Gonzo can tell you what should be your choice; he can just tell you what’s going to suit you the best among those you are eyeing at. So, let’s split them up into categories and find out which one do you want to go for.

IMHO, there are six categories to choose from: Specialists’ (the Divers’ and the Pilots’), Stiletto (for Corporates), Dress (for formal parties), Classic (for the traditional), Sports (obviously, for those into an active lifestyle) and the Crystal (for the dandy).

The Stiletto (available for both men and women) are the slimmest in the world. Very sleek, refined too – and serves anyone as an everyday watch belonging to the mid- and upper managements. These also qualify for special occasions, so if you got no other watch to wear for the dinner or award night, these fill in just fine.

For Dress purposes, there are a few that you might call dapper; for example, the Citizen Eco-Drive Power Reserve. This category is designed specifically for special occasions, but their normal thickness and Mineral Crystal glass makes them good as a daily wear also. But if you are taking it out occasionally, the stored charge inside is going to be a big help.

As for the remaining four, let’s wait till tomorrow.

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