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So here’s another favourite of mine! Now, a lot of you might ask why Gonzo never gave any hint about it earlier but hey! I do not want to make you drool and then leave you high and dry. Gone are the days when I was young and I’m still living with the curses those buxom beauties hurled at your own Gonzo. Didn’t want them counts to go any higher; even if it was for watches! It’s the team’s decision that ruled in favour of the brand that hides its tech under the classic skins, so here I am. Every Movado in CW’s current collection follows that vein and undoubtedly, these are the types for the bolder!

The Movado is not all about the Museum, you see; though it’s undoubtedly the most prominent face of Movado. You mention the name and the Museum immediately calls to your mind! Not many watches have established a landmark design so far but Movado does it without making the price factor go up insanely.  There is a sportier side to this classical beauty and though its lineage is strewn all over, the sporty type shows things that are quite different. But then again, our prime focus is upon the Museum today; we’ll talk about the rest of the Movado wonders as they start appearing on our pages one by one.

The new Museum models do not look like what they used to be earlier. They underwent slight revisions this time to suit the current mainstream culture. Now, this change certainly did not come with a bang; you can hardly notice the subtle changes. But together, they give the new Museum a whole new dimension. You can feel the change; not see it. They feel as complete as the original design concept; they feel strange – yet agreeably beautiful.

If I’m to say every fact out there about the Museum’s history, it will go out of the bounds of this page and I do not want to bore you all repeating the already known facts about its influences; the designer and the open secret behind its nomenclature. The Museum can be worn on its own merits and you don’t need to know the entire history to make one of them a part of your wardrobe. Just know this much – the Museum is one of the watches that perfectly suits the Boss attitude and also the Black Tie events; for in both cases, you do not need to keep track of time. But that aside, if you miss the ‘90s and want to own a piece of the history that combated well the digital timekeeping high,  the Movado Museum is the only way for you to go!

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