Armani Meccanico: Increased efficiency, enhanced precision – over the years.

Asked quite a while back if quartz-powered watches are my cuppa – today I like to answer that. If there’s one reason I’d like to make it my cuppa, that’s because they don’t need any care or adjustment within a given span. I can go without wearing one for many months and still not worry about whether it’s keeping time. Agreed mechanicals are the most coveted of the lot but when you buy a watch for occassional use and your budget is quite lean, there’s nothing that proves better than a quartz watch from a reputed brand. They run for anything between 3 and 5 years – sometimes more – so it’s not that you have to be bothered about battery changes too often. That said – it doesn’t stop me from owning a statement quartz piece and accent my presence.

But mechanicals, to me, are associated with sophistication and the race towards accuracy. Keeping the clockwork ticking without unnecessary gains or delays is a lot of thought and expertise – the factors that drive the prices up. This also started a few wrong ideas going around – like, accurate mechanical watches are costly and delicate affairs – which, stopped many people from getting into the pleasures of wearing a mechanical. For them, the Meccanico can be a real eye-opener.

Meccanico signifies very exquisite mechanical timepieces that do not cost you an arm and a leg despite the presence of 28 jewels in the actual mechanism. For example the AR4604  uses a Chinese made TY2714 mechanical auto and hand-winding movement. Every swing of your arm gets their gear-train moving inside and feed the watch its energy to carry on. The mechanism is a bit of a complex piece to explain here; all you need to focus on is its build and design quality.

Emporio Armani presented the Meccanico Collection in the Winter of 2013, with sophisticated design (to which, attention to detail makes a quintessential part) and precise functionality as the key elements. They are understated in appearance, elegant in their looks and matches all the aspects of the lives of contemporary urban men. Everyday casual or wedding formals, Meccanico brings you all! Till date, they are tested to run for 1000 hours as a part of the Armani quality control.

In every sense, Meccanico-s are literally solid watches with quite a bit of weight that feels good on the wrist. The solid stainless steel prevents flaking unlike many shiny watches thatr turn gloom by the end of the year; same with the premium leather straps that holds well against cracks, fades and tears.

As far as non-lume, dress watches go, the Armani Meccanico line receives some of the loudest applauses. You think that’s a feature short? Well,  you don’t need a blinding glow under the bright neons.

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