Certain people just love to take advantage of their position. It’s the same Swiss-maniac I’m pointing towards; now his trip is educating me on the perfect Swiss watch for women. Sure, learning doesn’t hurt, but do I really need to get on an extensive educational jaunt on something I shall be able lay my fingers upon maybe in another 10 years? Definitely I love Omega-s and I have no doubt on their superiority and status. And while all this might sound utterly cheesy to the real watch connoisseur, fact remains, I prefer the Citizen Promaster World Time chronograph many times over a Bédat or Piaget publicized in a $100 magazine. Why?

Because it’s freaking HUGE; because it’s considerably light; because I just love gadgets and features; because it’s tough, costs a-tenth of any of the Swiss marvels and ten times more useful. That says it all. I want an every-day watch; not something just for high-profile gatherings once a year.

Unfortunately, I’m the one to face all those troubles, so you can well-guess my agonies. Especially so, for the romance of buying a Swiss-make at Geneva doesn’t appeal to me as much as buying an Atomic Perpetual Chronograph from the Japan domestic market. That sounds kinda un-watch-ful, but hey, every man to himself and I’m just holding up my grounds. Being respectful is not about going for a tailspin for the staid industry. I can’t bet my savings for old-fashioned mechanical movements and this is something that enrages SM (even his initials match!); he fails to understand how I ignore things this hushed (and ritzy) for fancy features (in his words) like Eco-Drive or 1/1000th second measuring.

So when his daughter asked for the subtly-stunning TAG Heuer Formula One White Diamond Chronograph, I almost cried “Jeez!!!” thinking about the days ahead I need to shoulder such whims. I guess it’s her (in fact, any woman’s) love for diamonds that was speaking (F1 has never been her cuppa), but I couldn’t help but pinch on its quartz interiors. But I guess (no, I’m sure) tricks are appreciated by men only; else, all those little marvels with the sky with its sun, moon and the stars’ movements would have appealed to her more. And that would teach her dad a lesson. After all, buying quartz is not showing proper respect to the Swiss 500-years of watch-making but Art Deco and Nouveau are so last century to trendy women. I wish she understood watches as much as she understands chocolates.

But, it proves good for me; it heightens my chances to own the bright blue-handed Franck Muller. It’s definitely a better place to put in the money than for the reception.