April Deals
  • April 9, 2022
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Creation Watches – Deals of April 2022

The silver-white winter snow –

Now melts into spring;

Time has come for you to pick –

Up your favourite thing!


Or – many of those things. For, we know for sure that you cannot resist too long the allure our current collection throws at you! It’s a huge one, so we’d like you to take things one step at a time, giving you ample space to choose and finalise on your heart’s desire. You might still be wearing that timepiece from your college days and looking forward to something more appropriate for your present lifestyle, the only things stopping you from acquiring one is time restraint and a lack of variety.
Thankfully, now you got it! To help you choose better, we bring a definite number of watches almost every day of the month, starting from the 4th and will be continuing till May 2nd, 2022. Each of these offers will run for a short period and will give way to the next and one thing you can be dead sure about is – Most of the watch models are not going to reappear anytime soon!

What does that mean? Are you anticipating that you’ll miss out on your choice if sufficient fund is not available? Fear not; for we will also be offering fabulous price cuts upon already reduced prices, leaving no chance for you to let go of what you like! They’re affordable in its truest sense; with additional discounts of 5% and 10% over prices cut down to a half of what you’ll find at the traditional retails. Everything same, except for the prices!
How ‘luxurious’ are they? You ask.
Fairly, unless they are ‘quite-a-bit’. Definitely, you will not find Patek’s Grande Complication or the WORLD TIME 175TH ANNIVERSARY or some similar ultra Swiss watches here; however, you will get some of the most tried and tested watch models instead, from brands that are from Switzerland and outside of it; with or without adornments and some of them technologically hyper-advanced.


The deals we will bring you throughout the month of April 2022 will be eclectic, spectacular and one of a kind; bringing a vast range of watches with additional discounts.

How does that work?

It is simple. For a $100 watch (for example) offered at $50, you are getting a straightaway discount of 50%. Moreover, there is another 5% off on the discounted prices. Therefore, you will get a $100 watch for $45 (10% discount) or for $47.5 (5% discount).

The following are the days when you can get the most bangs out of your buck.


I. Monday, April 4, 2022: ‘ Watches of the month.’ Top recommendations for the month, 50 different watch models offered at an extra 5% off on the mentioned prices.



II. Wednesday, April 6, 2022: ‘ Clearance Sale..’ We clear out our old stocks every month to make room for new ones. What you thought to be gone earlier often pops out in the clearance sales.




III. Friday, April 8, 2022: Citizen watches sale. . This one will run until the 11th of April. An additional 10% off on the discounted prices so that you can get even the most expensive of these Japanese wonders at the most affordable of prices.



IV. Monday, April 11, 2022: This one was obvious. Once that Citizen was here, Seiko could not possibly be far away. This Seiko Watches sale will run until 13th of April 2022; however, the additional 10% off on the prices might just get the stocks over well within the first 48 hours.



V. Wednesday, April 13, 2022: We blow the extra stocks of watches on our every blowout sale and this one is no exception! Grab them right now else you might have to pay more later on when the 10% additional discount will not be on offer.


VI. Thursday, April 14,2022: This year’s Good Friday Sales offers a 5% discount on every item displayed from our inventory. This storewide sale will offer you 10% more discount on the mentioned prices until the 16th of April 2022.




VII. Saturday, April 16,2022: We bring you two kinds of discounts for this year’s Easter Sales. You may either opt for a 5% off on storewide items or avail a 10% off on our selections. Offer valid until 19th April 2022.



VIII. Tuesday, April 19,2022: The sale we are holding between 19th April and 30th April 2022 brings you one of the most exclusive offers of the year! We are getting you a further 30% off on the already discounted prices on selected watches that you won’t find elsewhere.



IX. Thursday, April 21,2022: Our Earth Day Super Sale will offer an additional 10% off on all outdoor watches. The offer is valid for 2days i.e. from 21st April to 23rd April, 22nd being Earth Day.



X. Saturday, April 23,2022: Get Ratio watches for way lesser than usual! Drop in to find out the discounts that apply.




XI. Monday, April 25,2022: We bring you the last few pieces from different line-ups from different brands. These are running out fast from our stocks; grab while there is time!



XII. Wednesday, April 27, 2022: A sale that will let you know the kind of watches you may expect in our inventory in the month of May 2022. It will run for just 2 days and will offer a 5% off on everything you can grab. Moreover, there will be a Free Casio Watch (model F-91WM-2ADF) offered free with every purchase. However, this will be a Timer-based Sale, so every moment will count towards making or breaking an excellent deal.


XIII. Friday, April 29, 2022: May Day brings a Mega Sale for the people at an additional 5% off on storewide items and 10% off on selected items until 2nd May turns around. Be there, for these you are not going to find showing up anytime in the near future.

What to expect next?

We will let you know about that following the May Day Sale. For now, stay prepared for all the amazements April 2022 has on store for you!

Keep dropping in to leave your replies below. State which sale listed above interests you the most and also, for what?