To admit frankly, Seiko 5 automatics were never my cuppa till my second job; that kind of reaching your 30-s feel that suddenly opens up your eyes towards hidden beauties and your soul to the next 30 years of passive, semi-dormant aggression….anyway, it’s just that one sobers down and gathers the calm to seek and discover. This is when coming across the Seiko 5 re-issue of the original 1960’s vintage Seiko watches bowl you over. It’s looks fit in just anywhere.

Among personal favorites, it’s the Limited Edition Seiko 5 Sports that comes up first. But this is not the kind to be worn 24/7 though it’s meant to be used like that – through dust, sweat, heat and the rain. Still, you feel you are doing it injustice unless you are at least decently dressed.

This is probably why Seiko introduced their plainest of the plain range of Seiko 5 automatics. In every sense, I find them ideal, daily beater watches that look good and run well without breaking your bank account.

Praises on the Seiko 5 Automatics as the best choices in the category comes from the 21 jewel automatic movement – it’s remarkably good for its Magic Lever winding system. It has a fourth moving component (wheel) apart from the rotor, the Magic Lever and the pawl wheel, making the movement simpler and adding to its robustness without compromising high functionality. However, it lacks the privilege of manual winding but it scores up on the other side – these movements will run with zero maintenance for maybe twenty years without the need for cleaning, lubrication and the rest like other automatic watches needing every few years.

Typical to the Seiko 5 line (not the Limited Editions, though), there’s nothing about it that you may call truly exceptional but that is the point of this line. It doesn’t boast about being a piece of stunning technology; neither style, nor some other exoticness – Just a hard working daily-wear without limitations unless you really go to the extremes. It’s built to go on for decades without any care.

Is it a good choice for college students? Yes and No. The boisterous (in a fun way), sporty, fun-loving kind will love it while at play; not a good choice for them with a flamboyance for showy attire. But it’s always good to buy and keep one aside, for in a few years, you’ll be working and no more a student. Seiko 5 are good for job interviews and there are reasons behind which goes beyond the mere impression of a Rolex Explorer on them. Your employer will always want someone who is reasonably accurate, reliable and hardy – very much like your Seiko 5.

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