The retro-themed Recraft series is comparatively newer; it was introduced only last fall. Seiko seemed to have remained enthusiastic all through; their response to the Recraft stimuli shows. The amount of appreciation it gained come as quite a bit of a surprise in an age when awful sizes and decorations are more in demand. The Recraft is how Seiko embraces vintage aesthetic of the ‘60s and ‘70s (keeping the Grand Seiko aside) and has turned many of the first-time watch buyers into full-fledged obsessive fan-boys.

It also proves something else. Seiko is not a brand confined within the watch-nerd circuits.

The excitement of wearing the Seiko Recraft on one of your wrists is impossible to jot down; everyone will interpret it in his own way and none will be the same. Rhapsodic – and that’s no rhetoric – for all the nostalgia it induces! Seiko broke out at a crucial point of time when they got almost synonymous to Kinetic; the old mechanical flame was relit.

Note: The Recraft does have its Kinetic versions, but that’s another story. This time we focus on models that are automatic.

From pristine white to luminous emerald green, from the extremely gentlemanly to the impressively bold – but the true experience is when there’s one on the wrist! Over the months as you let it grow on you, the tenability of your anticipation starts showing. Seiko hits many a sweet spots with the Recraft and you start appreciating it fully for not just being a reissue. It’s neither a re-imagined copy of any previous model tucked in the lab corner. The Seiko Recrafts are totally new creations and embodies the true, vintage mechanical spirit and a great deal of fun. That makes it troublesome to be objective about the Recraft; there’s virtually nothing to dislike about it. Pricing, precision or privileges, it fills all the cups equally, right up to the brim! The truly mechanical Recraft with its unexpected style makes for both an incredible bargain and a fabulous wrist presence. It proves well-beyond satisfying in several ways.

Simple, yet dramatic! Simplicity has both its own attraction and charisma; the first thing you’ll notice about the Seiko Recraft Automatic watches is their dramatic dials. The 40mm dials (with case, it is 3mm more) exude a pure ‘60s vibe. It holds for all sorts of white/gold/silver combos as much as the modernist gold-tone (full) or the gorgeous dark shades often giving out psychedelic ripples on the dials against sunlight. The seconds-hands are often strikingly coloured, vivid and vibrant! The classic inner seconds track imparts each of the models a bold look. The quality of the satin brush finish, contrasted with polished surfaces brings them a more substantial feel.

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