Kinetic Mens Watch
Kinetic Mens Watch

The Seiko Men’s Kinetic Black Ion Watch is one of the most stunning watch designs created. Most other watches in the market that have black dial with silver hour markings can often be difficult to read. Seiko Men’s Kinetic Black Ion Watch is an exception. Its stunning two-tone grey-gold metallic case with black dial and gold markings make it easy to read the time in almost any lighting condition.

For those who might be unaware, Seiko’s Kinetic technology refers to a method of charging the watch battery by making use of kinetic energy generated when the wrist or hand moves. As you move your hand, a highly sensitive wheel within the watch (visible through the clear glass at the back of the watch), also moves by spinning on its axis. As it spins around, electrical current is generated and this is used to charge the battery.

You might wonder if the watch will stop working if kept on the table or inside a drawer. Fact is, a full charge lasts about 6 months. So even if you wear the watch for a few hours once in 6 months, it should be good enough to recharge the battery. Moreover, the watch has a very useful gold band battery charge indicator on the dial.

The Kinetic Watch Seiko comes armed with a strong Hardlex crystal dome that protects dial from scratches and the watch itself is water resistant up to depths of 100 meters. So if you’re feeling like a swim, just go ahead; your Seiko Men’s Kinetic Black Ion Watch will keep perfect time even in all the water and surf.

Incidentally, Seiko fans might be thrilled to know that the now famous Seiko Kinetic movement watches were unveiled at the 1986 Basel Fair. Back then, these were provisionally known as the ‘AGM’ watches and there were no predecessors to this technology. It was the first time at a small watch could successfully convert wrist or hand movement into electrical energy. The approval of the public can be gauged by the fact that over the years, Seiko has managed to sell over 11 million ‘Kinetic’ watches.

Over the years Seiko Watch has been perfecting the Kinetic technology and has been introducing variants in stages. For example, Kinetic Auto Relay watch introduced in the late 90’s could work for up to 4 years on a single battery charge. The early 2000’s also saw several impressive improvements in this technology and in 2007 Seiko introduced the emotional technology Kinetic Direct Drive watch.

The Seiko Men’s Kinetic Black Ion Watch has inherited a host of impressive technologies that truly make this stunning watch a ‘must buy’. In fact, in the feedback provided, one of our clients said the Seiko Men’s Kinetic Black Ion Watch was more stunning in reality than that shown in the pictures. The kinetic feature, clear case back allows you to see the wheel as it spins to recharge the internal battery power. “It is so cool”.

Both the case and band of this Seiko Mens Watches are coated with a TiCN material that looks like polished black ceramic, absolutely stunning in contrast with the gold bezel. If purchased, the Seiko Men’s Kinetic Black Ion Watch would probably be the most stunning watch in your collection.