“Dress watches build the foundation of a respectable timepiece collection”. So were the words of Gonzo. Sadly, he doesn’t find most of the dress watches dressy enough; the last time he held something in high regard is the Bambino-II, and now, the Orient Sun-Moon Classic automatic.

The Classic Automatic is Orient’s line of mechanical watches that embrace all their classic styling from all over their 100 years of history and puts them into their latest structures. So, before spending one’s hard-earned cash on dress watches from major fashion brands, take a look at the Sun and Moon and there’s very little chance you’ll go for anything else. Everything aside, there is not another dress watch of this quality at such an affordable price, be it in its classic appearance or its state-of-the-art, in-house mechanism running within.

Perfectly suitable for business environments and just any formal occasion, it’s also their high legibility and high-degrees of precision that makes the Orient Sun and Moon every watch lover’s dream.

The Orient Sun and Moon is an apt choice even for the most die-hard tool watch guy, who might find a plain face too annoying or in better words, feel naked. And when it’s a dress watch, quartz doesn’t cut the deal. Unless it’s truly a mechanical timepiece, it’s not dress at all.

The Sun and Moon is too elegant to ignore. It’s a classic design mated to high functionality; the result is truly unique, whether in terms of technicality or aesthetics. It’s the perfect watch for the days in the office or for the times when you are gearing up for any special occasion.

Looking at the dial, anyone shall be amazed by its immaculate intricacies, which is the primary reason why the watch crosses so beautifully the boundaries of an executive look to the classic territory. The concentric patterns, the guilloche-styled finish – it has all the embellishment in required quantities. And just like the most eminent of luxury watches, it has an incredible depth to its dial, which brings the appearance of a layered dial. The day indicator sub-dial thus gets an embossed appearance while the sun and moon indicator – the elements that give the watch its name – stay raised above the rest. It adds the exquisiteness to a dial that’s already ornate and the colour contrasts tie the looks together.

So at the end, is Gonzo going to wear this watch? That’s a tough question to answer; for those who know him well, the answer would be different. All that we can say right now is he is the one who will definitely buy it to make his watch-drobe grow fuller, but whether he is going to wear it is debatable. He doesn’t like his prized pieces getting scratched, so unless it’s blue moon again, the Sun and Moon is in for a period of lazy comfort.

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