Casio, known for its technological prowess and innovation, outdid itself in terms of technological innovation and style in the Casio Protrek series of watches. The Casio Protrek series included many ‘firsts’ and unique technological innovations including:

Casio Protrek Watch
Casio Protrek Watch

Perpetual Power Technology

The Pro Trek Casio watches use a special high-capacity battery that is powered by solar energy. The super sensitive solar panel is located under the dial and generates power even under low fluorescent light. Gone are the days when a quartz watch needed a battery change every other year.

User-friendly Automatic Swivel Switch Backlighting

These days many watches come equipped with backlighting. Many times however, both your hands might be busy or full of grease and dirt due to the work condition or there might be other reasons you are unable to press the button to trigger backlighting. Casio Protrek watch solves this problem in an innovative manner by incorporating the swivel switch system. When you rotate your wrist towards yourself, the backlighting automatically comes on.

Ultra-Accurate Direction Sensor (Compass)

Casio Protrek direction sensor or compass works through a magnetic sensor. At the heart of this sensor are two perpendicularly intersecting internal coils and a centrally located magnetic resistance element. This arrangement accurately senses geomagnetism and this is used to uses determine points on a compass.

Engineers point out that a magnetic resistance (MR) element is something that fluctuates depending on the strength of the magnetic force. It is so structured that its sensing ability varies with the geomagnetic angle.

Casio Protrek direction sensor employs two MR elements for greater accuracy. These feed the signals to the microprocessor within the watch which in turn determines the direction you are heading and displays it accordingly in a manner that makes sense.

Atmospheric / Water Pressure Sensor

Casio Protrek pressure sensor employs when four diffusion resistances arranged on a silicon base. These diffusion resistances change shape even when miniscule amounts of pressure are applied on it. By passing current through it and reading the changes and converting it into digits gives us a highly accurate atmospheric / water pressure sensor. So whether you’re on the moon or deep down in a cave system, you know the exact pressure that is the environment you are in.

Casio Protrek Temperature Sensor

Modern science has introduced us to many natural and man-made devices that react to magnetism, pressure or temperature. The Casio Protrek uses one such device it calls the thermo-sensor. The current passing through the thermo-sensor alters with an increase or decrease in the temperature. Sensors attached to the thermo-senor read the differences and use it to accurately calculate the temperature – this is another very important feature for adventure sports enthusiasts.

Being digital, everything is based on IC Chips which are relatively cheaper to produce than metallic parts. Consequently, despite the many important features in the Casio Protrek series, the watch is relatively cheaply priced and costs between USD 200 to 500 and comes in a choice of resin, leather or titanium band.