8% off on all Baby-G Watches!

Casio G-Shock watches are known all over the world for their trendy looks, their functionality, ease of use and most of all their toughness! They last for a long time, and can withstand a huge array of elements from shocks, rain, dust, mud and just good old knocking around 🙂

Now did you know that Casio puts the same technology in its Baby-G watches? The Baby-G watches are designed primarily for women and teens. They feature some of the nicest designs out there in wrist watches with myriad colors. And with the legendary G-Shock toughness and numerous functions they are sure to be useful and long-lasting as well.

Just for the upcoming mother’s day we have a huge 8% off on all Baby-G watches in our collection just for 1 week! Perhaps a youthful, functional watch might just make a great gift! The numerous features like multiple daily alarms, different time-zones, world time etc. are sure to come handy.

Please order from our website and enter code BG43H in the “Comments/Instructions/Codes (Optional):” section for discount.

Get them here: Casio Baby-G Shock resistant Watches

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