G-Shock GWA-1100-1A - Best Aviation G-ShockWe all love being appreciated. Yes, even me, the entity you know as Watch Gonzo – or lovingly – just Gonzo. I love that that feeling when the team members pat my shoulder in appreciation of a good post. This is exactly what happened after I completed writing this post, for more than half of the team are big G-Shock fanatics unlike me, who holds only a couple of them in very high regards. No, it’s not that I find them inferior to anything – blimey; not at all – it’s just that my inclination to a couple of sports draws me to the G-SHOCK MASTER OF G RANGEMAN and the Sky Cockpit Triple G Resist Atomic. And I’m sure there are a plethora of people all around the planet who are going to be delighted with my choice. For, I’m also sure that all those who own these two particular models are more than being just pretty content with their performance; their deliverance of high endurance, strength, style and comfort – all at a reasonable price!

However, apart from these two, I also find the entire G-Shock series beautiful due to the fact that they cater to various uses and literally, there is at least one model available for every purpose.

So, whichever G-Shock fascinates you, it’s always worth to look into the entire range when you are about to purchase a G-Shock for the first time; you may have the military design in mind but end up liking more the athletes’ or the hikers’; the hunters’ or the fisherman’s. If you are into swimming or scuba-diving or something equally specific, your choices are going to be pretty clear. But for the rest, Gonzo suggests that you browse a little bit before finally making up your mind.

The G-Shocks are also fancy, robust watches to show off, especially the multiband, solar varieties with world-time functions. Frequent travellers are going to immensely benefit from these and those who run businesses with people in other time zones Unlike purely analog watches, there’s no guesswork to be dealt with;   they are spot on accurate about depicting time in other time zones.

But hey! I’m not reviewing the Casio G-Shocks here, so getting into the minutest nitty gritty is something I’ll purposefully avoid. Instead, let’s see what are common with every G-Shock watch.

Firstly, it’s the mineral crystal windows though some (like the Sky Cockpit mentioned above) feature sapphire crystal; a quartz movement with stopwatch function (many of them are solar), 200 meters water resistance and mostly, resin bands and cases. The rest come in metal, which, despite increasing the weight to an extent, look cool and grants the watches greater versatility and toughness.

Overall, if you want something to go with boiler- as well as wetsuits, the Casio G-Shocks are going to bowl you over!

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