I’d like to clear a few points first. Many of you who are reading this have the smirk on; it’s like Gonzo talking on Edifice and that too the battery-driven type – “Gaawwddd!”

My question is: Is that funny? Your answer is probably “Yes!” but it just shows you lack an open mind. Pigeonholing is a foul practice; I don’t bear an one-dimensional interest. If you come here to read only the stuff you like, you will be greatly disappointed this time. Today, I prefer catering to the mass that holds the Edifice (yes, your battery-driven types) in high regards. I’m nosy about the way you carry your choice, not the choice itself.

So, when earlier (Jan) this year Casio Computers announced the release of the Neon Illuminator, it took me a few minutes to determine if I want the leather-banded one. I love everything exquisite and this one has that slam! A fine combination of dressy and peppy sense, if I put it plainly.

If you are new to this, then Neon Illuminator is a patented technology from Casio employing invisible light. There’s a black light LED that does one part of the trick. The other part is handled by the special luminous ink that coats certain areas of the hands and the markers on the dial. The ink absorbs energy from the black light and glows vividly, the color of the glow depending on the color of the fluorescent coatings.  This opens the possibility of putting to use a wide range of designs of varying visibilities, which enhances the viewing pleasures of the dynamic movements of the watch hands in the dark.

The series has been officially given the code EFR, the first ones were the 536 series and the more recent ones are the 537. But I like the way they retain the dashboard gauge look- now more closer to the real for the inside lighting. My quest was also for a good 1/10-second stopwatch; this one makes me glad on that part.

Now, if we are talking about new releases, it shall be unfair to cut past the ERA. Both the ERA300B-1AVand ERA300DB-1A2V (chronographs with 1/20th second split and 100 Lap Memory) gives you the chance to dress boldly without losing on functionality.  The speciality is the Twin Sensor technology with the same neon illuminator but this time, operating automatically. That’s twin technology in a single package that carries you from the office to the outdoors, without letting you skipping even a single beat.

The twin sensors here makes possible incorporating a digital compass (no digital display; it’s a needle that does the job; the earlier recorded stuff shows through the window,though) and a thermometer that shows through the LCD display. But what I like particularly in these two are the world-time function (48-city/29 time zone) – well, ok, I got a fetish for it. But ever since Vaastu and Feng Shui entered my life, I hold the compass an extremely important part of my existence.

Apart from that, there are four daily alarms and a countdown timer; now, if you are into multi-tasking, scheduling and the likes, you are going to find these features great.

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