The perfect sports watch for formal wear is yet to arrive. Till then, you can do with these.

The absence of that perfect, go-everywhere sports/dress watch has a good side. It made many watch makers attempt the creation of one and the quest still continues. Along the way, pieces were introduced that make it a lot simpler paring up your office-wear or other sorts of austere clothing styles with the thing you occasionally glance at to keep track of time, whatever the reason might be.

An interesting trend that caught up in the past couple years is that wearing analog sports watches with formal/understated clothing have started to become more mainstream, which shows, people nowadays want some more utility than just a basic function. Additional stuff to make their daily lives bit easier. And needless saying, there’s an alpha-feel to them which men really can’t deny.

That doesn’t mean we recommend ditching dress watches completely and run for their sportier versions. The extra money involved on a dress watch will be for the kind of intricacy a true sports-watch will never have. It also turns the watch more delicate for situations that involve heavy, manual labor and today, even a CEO has to run to the airport if need be. It’s not like the olden days anymore. Save, the President/Chairmen; a highly elegant dress watch could very well be their everyday wear. From their respective chambers to the boardroom to the Mercedes waiting outside to the fine dining – a five-figure dress watch – under normal conditions in their life – faces no safety issues as such. For others – even if you somehow manage to bear the extra price for the watch, your heart will tell you to put it on your wrist everyday while your head will stop you from doing it.

Our honest advice is not to allow such internal conflicts from occurring. Wear not a fine dress watch to work if your job demands a lot of running around; moving heavy loads or driving around in your own vehicle. Plus, a five-figure watch demands at least four-figure clothing to go with; if you want to maintain parity. Whoever can afford that on a daily basis is welcome; for others, there are differently made formal watches with sportive abilities. These are not upgrades to previous models; just a new way ‘sports’ re-manifests! They are clear winners that aren’t perfect but better in many ways.

  1. Seiko Prospex Automatic Japan Made: Launched in 2017, this model is from the Prospex Sky lineup and is a reissue of the 62MAS diver watch, with one, unique complication – the bi-directional, slide rule bezel. It’s a lot of enjoyment for math lovers and once you learn using it, it can be used for most occasions. It can be worn more in the office context, especially if you are into the theoretical or mathematical side of engineering.
  2. Tissot T-Sport PRC 200 Chronograph: A high-quality, quartz chronograph you’ll appreciate for its clean, stylish design but above all, for the great value it offers for the money. Entirely made in Switzerland, equipped with a reliable and sturdy, quartz Swiss movement and it will appeal to a wide audience, not just office-goers. Watch enthusiasts and geeks aside, even casual wearers consider it a beautiful, qualitative watch that’s sporty yet elegant. Built to handle harsh outdoor conditions, it doesn’t require babying despite its sophisticated look.
  3. Seiko 5 Sports Automatic (Red dial): A stylish, clean and simple automatic timepiece, it makes for the everyday watch that you can wear and forget. Its classic analog design exhibits high-tech progressive elements while its precise 21-jewel Japanese automatic movement will keep ticking unless you abandon it for more than two days at a stretch. It’s a watch that lets you do everything without the fear of damage.
  4. Seiko 5 Sports Automatic (Blue dial): Wake up and immediately put this watch on before you start running the errands. Workouts, watering the plants, repairing your car or some other machinery, playing drums for hours – the number of doable things with this watch on are endless! It keeps great time and is beautiful and it proves that Seiko sure knows how to make dials for the watches!
  5. Seiko Neo Sports Chronograph: Seiko is not just about making robust and high-quality dive watches, it has its dressier creations too that translate to long-lasting and accurate, everyday watches. A stylish and classic chronograph watch that’s capable of taking the rigors of speed sports (on land or water) and semi-professional diving. All in all, it’s all about the sophisticated technology and high-quality workmanship that went into it.

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