Q. Hello Gonzo! All these years I used to buy from brick-and-mortar stores; it’s the first time I’m buying online. I must say Creationwatches got some very spectacular products on its roster and that’s where the problem starts. I’m being unable to decide on the best pick within my budget, which is around $400. I’ve been lurking for a while, but finally decided to get your opinion before I pull the trigger and finalise my purchase..

I’m looking for a classic-looking watch but not a plain Jane; neither a sultry-Sally; but an even mix of both, with a gold frame and brown leather. I want it to be classy; nice enough for formal dressing but I must also be able to wear it to my office. I’ve been looking at Tissot for a while, and so far, I’ve liked all of them but getting your opinion shall help me to choose better. This is the first nice watch I’m getting, so please be kind. Thank you.

A. Hi there. Classy is a very vast term and it includes both chronographs and multi-functions. You didn’t specify on them; not even the movement. Classy watches come both with mechanical and quartz movements; however, sticking to your primary concern, I guess you are not going to mind one with a high-end quartz movement with a little bit of useful complication.

For you, the Tissot T-Classic Tradition GMT is the safest bet, as far as I can think. It is an exceptional model; there are complications all right, but they’re not overwhelming; rather, very sophisticated ones that add fullness to the dial instead of overcrowding it. But it looks slightly big due to the edge to edge sapphire crystal and one of the slimmest of bezels.

The T-Classic Tradition uses the ETA G10.961 quartz movement and is a reliable engine that’s bound to serve you for long. The GMT function gives you the chance to keep track of another time zone, in case you need to connect with another person at another time zone. As for your concerns about wearing, the Tissot T Classic Tradition can be worn everyday; in fact, this Swiss-Made time piece will look good with anything from business formals to bespoke Saville Row suits.

So, to sum up the above reasons: I speak for the T-Classic Tradition since it carries the same beauty that adds the appeal to classic, traditional watches while packing in one of the utilities that’s in high demand today. It’s a mechanical watch look without the cost that usually stays involved with the real mechanical ones. From every aspect, it is fine craftsmanship that’s going to earn much appreciation from an onlooker and its abiding style is truthful to its preeminent character.

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