Tissot Watches – a Name to be reckoned with

There are some brands that stand out when it comes to quality watches, and Tissot is a name that is up there with the very best. At Creation Watches we understand that quality is paramount when it comes to watches, and that’s why take great pride in the brands and models we stock. Tissot remains one of our favourites, and the range they offer is one of the most varied and impressive of all. Tissot has been in the game since the middle of the 19thcentury, and the experience that this Swiss watchmaker brings to its range is second to none.

Tissot Limited Edition T-Sport Automatic Chronograph T044.632.26.051.00 Mens Watch
Tissot Limited Edition T-Sport Automatic Chronograph T044.632.26.051.00 Mens Watch

It is difficult to pick out any one watch from the Tissot range to talk about, but some stand out. In terms of men’s watches, the Tissot Limited Edition T-Sport Automatic Chronograph is a classic of its kind. This extremely desirable and superbly crafted watch offers true Swiss craftsmanship and design excellence, and is one of the most exclusive of the Tissot range. It is made – as the name suggests – in limited numbers, and is guaranteed to be highly collectable in the future. At $1750 it is also very well priced when compared to similar rivals.

For a more classical look the T-One Tissot Automatic is a beautiful watch, and one that comes with many impressive features. The sleek and stylish case is a simple and understated, yet very fashionable, design and is easy to read, while the classy black leather strap offers comfort and great looks in one go. The automatic movement is precision made for accuracy and longevity, and is a fine example of the watchmaker’s craft. It is difficult to imagine finding a watch as good as this one for just $435 – that is a bargain price for something so good.

The Tissot range is one that offers exclusive and well-made watches of the finest order. There are watches here that will satisfy any customer, and some that deserve to be treasured for a lifetime. This is a company that is not afraid to talk about its lengthy experience in the business, and one that is deservedly proud of its history. The pioneering nature of the company means that, while it recognises the traditional elements of the watch making craft, it is not afraid to lead the way in new technology and manufacturing practices. Check out the Tissot range and see if there is something among these beautiful devices for you.

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