Diesel is for the equally bold and rebellious without the slightest intent to follow trends. Setting one instead is easier for both the brand and its wearers. When you wear a Diesel watch, you are wearing something that revamps the way you perceive fashion. The Daddy collection (Mr, Little and Mini) is fine to start with and helps you get a taste of how functionality and style can cohabit in an effortlessly easy manner. Or, in other words, blend finesse to practicality.
Distinct or unique – whichever way you see it – Diesel’s looks voice a constant move forward and ahead. So, they are not just watches but timeframes. These Diesel Timeframes are a reflection of the confidently assertive presence of the brand in the fashion arena. Still, those large, loud and ever-colourful shapes are more than just skin-deep; there are proper quality standards backing that up.

Following usual watch designing rules never found way into the blaze-new-grounds approach of Diesel. It shows the least through the Overflow series, in which, Diesel had to tame down their instincts a lot to make an acceptable office-wearable. The Overflow; however, is still oversized compared to standard dimensions; got a versatile twist and creates an eye-catching combination that’s miles from the ordinary. For outdoors or party purposes, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Diesel wears many faces apart from the Overflow. There are sporty, simple-casuals and ultra-casuals; futuristic and elegant designs are also covered by Diesel. Amongst the most popular are the Mega Chief and the Master Chief; nothing quite gets any better than these exquisite watches as all-round casual accessories. Some of them make for the ideal Friday Dressing piece and unless strictly formal, most of them can fit in seamlessly to just any occasion or setting.

Expect to turn some heads with these pieces of beautiful craft with an edge above the rest among fashion watch brands. Even the plain analog Master Chief oozes the oomph factor more than any of the rest in its class! It’s chiefly due to certain retro design elements (even for the futuristic Mega Chiefs; see one here) that have always been – still are and will be – in vogue! Simplicity wed to sophistication and this handsome piece was born. Surely adds a dapper finish touch to any ensemble. For some of the best pieces, check out the DZ43… line. You’ll also find a Diesel Overflow Quartz Chronograph coming under it. They are more accessible than many of the other fashion watch makers and also deliver a far better construction and quality, which is also why all Diesel-s are spectacular and dynamic at the same time. Want versatile statement pieces for less; sporty or an elegant party-wear, Diesel Timeframes always meet your needs.

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