The question eithermakes me sound like someone without even a speck of knowledge about worldly affairs; worse, a boor without any preference or a fool lacking direction where to put his money in. But all that aside, I certainly believe every person has his own set of theories to speak about and it’s not at all necessary you go by them. I am putting down here what I think certain professionals must consider. If you agree, we can share a beer; if you don’t, I’m all ears to your opinions. The beer stays put, though.

It goes without saying that Citizen Watches today are bestsellers that finely weave style with functionality and suits almost every man from every walk of life, yet not every useful function is meant for everybody. Certainly some of those functionalities overlap depending on the occupation (e.g. pilots can choose a watch that feature diving functionalities in case a need comes up to abandon the plane mid-air while crossing the Pacific or abandoning a ship and taking flight in the helicopter) but as an everyday wear, day, date and time with an hourly chime and alarm are more than enough. If traveling a lot, then there are watches to mark different time zones. For others, the following list might come useful:

Citizen Ecodrive Skyhawk JR3000-69E Mens Watch
Citizen Ecodrive Skyhawk JR3000-69E Mens Watch
  1.  Water-sports enthusiasts: The Citizen Diver Depth Meter Promaster Cyber Aqualand is solar-powered and has both analog and digital time display. The Eco-Drive solar technology frees you from the responsibility of changing batteries and considerably an oversized, all stainless steel construction to knock off a medium-sized underwater predator. The mineral glass crystal is resistant to scratches, which means, you can stay carefreeduring scuba-diving. Should you like to know more, it displays depth (300 feet), time measurement for diving; water temperature; surface interval measurement and a 20-dives log memory. And the best part is, the water-pressure sensors automatically switch the watch into dive mode whenever yougo down 4 meters. And it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in; it keeps time for 42 cities and 29 time zones, has three alarms, an electro-luminescent backlight for easy visibility when the lights are low and a 30 months power reserve with the power-save mode on.
  2. Aviation pros& travelers: Look for nothing but the Citizen Skyhawk A-T(200-meter water-resistant) with the same Eco-Drive technology and assisted by atomic timekeeping (A-T) technology. From an LCD backlight, dual alarms, a perpetual calendar, 99-minutes countdown timer and a 24 hour chronograph, the watch displays time for 43 cities and does simple flight calculations. Steel and titanium.
  3. For every day wearing: This Citizen measures time till 1/5th of a second. Functionality, reliability and style, all within a single package.
  4. For the Ladies’ man: This should end the list; there’s nothing that beats the Citizen Eco Drive Moon Phase Watch when romance needs some serious self-confidence to be poured in. Precise timekeeping in the moonlight and this silvery timepiece is going to keep the hours roll smoothly.