• August 21, 2015
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Before proceeding, Hamilton is Swiss but not in the league of Rolexes and Breitlings or any other brands considered first by the general populace. It is an average guy’s Swiss watch, with an affordable price tag, something what most of us would dare spend on a wrist watch. If you got around $2000 extra to spend on a Swiss watch, the Hamilton makes an apt choice.

Hamilton creates timepieces that are complete in their own personalities and it’s the same magic that runs in the Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chronos. With Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronographs, there’s probably no other interpretation of feelings, other than they capture your imagination hands down (read: still). There are many, but few really tattoo themselves across your brain. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Quartz Chronograph is also one among them and catches attention because of its lower price than the Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chronos; from the outside, they all exhibit the same quality and charisma. All that creates an astounding emotional attachment without demanding for any compromise in return; despite inherent intricacies, fragility is the last thing to strike your mind with. They confidently play their roles, whether you are dressing up or just in a mood to dress down. The Hamilton Chronos are exceptional and it can be felt every time you are putting them on.

Let’s suffice it saying the Hamilton Auto Chronos are a range of watches that are praised universally and have earned excellent scores. These are watches sufficient to bed any watch aficionado (pardon the profanity) and even if you are not in bed (please pardon again) with one, there’s no denying you will admire them with a typical male gaze. The only difference is: You won’t be sued.

Let’s see how these score objectively. First, the build components, which are easier to assess. This includes the crystals, the cases, the crowns and the pushers and the straps. Later come the intangible elements; things that resist their systematic categorizations but nevertheless, are important determinants when you are finally putting a score on the watches. In simple words, these are factors that determine how you feel when you wear one. Compare yourself to a kid un-boxing his Christmas gift; it should trigger the same childlike excitement. The curiosity is proportional to how much Santa has outdone himself.

The Hamilton Chronos are watches that strike a fine balance in the ways they execute their qualities. Most Swiss watch manufacturers can only wish of offering them at this price range, Perfect contrasts, perfect alignments – all that make for an air of sophistication that appears many times pricier than it actually is. Even the weight of the Quartz chrono is surprising; how its delicate looks are paired with this weight is a mystery.

Watches mentioned in this post are given below. Click on the links to buy them:

i. https://www.creationwatches.com/products/hamilton-watches-250/hamilton-automatic-chronograph-h32616133-jazzmaster-mens-watch-3027.html

ii. https://www.creationwatches.com/products/hamilton-watches-250/hamilton-jazzmaster-automatic-chrono-h32616553-4578.html

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iv. https://www.creationwatches.com/products/hamilton-watches-250/hamilton-khaki-automatic-chronograph-h78686333-3617.html

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