There is clearly more than one kind of sentiment coming into play with luxury watches. You may very well disagree with my definition of luxury; the prime point is the price point you are getting it for. What is luxury to me might be an everyday beater for you or my everyday beater a luxury to someone else; however, all I want is telling you my POV on a luxury watch, which to me, shouldn’t always be essentially simple and understated. It should be elegant at the first place. Don’t live by my words unless you really, really want to; it will save a lot of hassles and headaches and a heated exchange of words.

One thing though: When I’m eyeing a luxury watch, I make sure I get it at an attractive price without cutting down on the quality and the warranties. I’m thankful to Creation Watches that way; they have opened the doors for me to obtain attractive luxury timepieces at attractive prices that do not drain my bank account like it used to be even a couple of years back. Now, I find it difficult not to purchase a watch that I like.

I always stress on a piece’s performance background. It doesn’t matter if it is dress luxury or a highly functional tool luxury; I must be able to trust it under any circumstance and must be confident that it won’t give away when it’s needed the most. Both Hamilton and Tissot fall under this category; so do Grand Seiko, the Citizen Campanola and the Grand Complication; if your points of consideration here are tech and the price, then the Japs make truer luxuries than the Swiss. But if I want to wear my luxury in the heat and dust, I’ll give the Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol Aviation or the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind watches an upper hand; if I’m going out with a hottie to watch horse racing, I’ll prefer cutting down on my haughty side and settle for the Seiko Premier Chronograph. Don’t think I’m trying to show one watch lesser than the other; it’s all about the purpose and setting that defines what your choice of luxury should be (own preference is always there, so we won’t talk about it). They all are fabulous watches with highly appealing designs and functionalities but the best part is:

If you are trying to get into the costly luxuries, then these all are gateway watches to get you into the feel. You cannot just jump from the Casio G-Shock to the high-end, multifunctional Eco-Drives and automatics. But if you are reluctant to go that way and want something luxurious within the same category, try out the Casio Sky Cockpit Triple G Resist collection; you will be surprised how much of an ego boost you’ll get not cutting down on your sporty preference. Or field luxury, as some people call it.